Lead on Whole-School Curriculum: Mrs Jenny Lawrence


We aim to provide a curriculum to develop inquisitive, independent thinkers with a love for learning. We believe that the curriculum, within lessons and beyond them, should create an environment where questioning, academic risk taking and a freedom to learn from mistakes is encouraged. We intend for our curriculum to inspire pupils and encourage them to develop responsibility, independence and the ability to excel.

In its widest sense, the curriculum is seen as the entire learning experience that the pupils at Cams Hill School enjoy, including formal lessons, events, tutor time, co-curricular activities, community events and trips.

The Cams Hill curriculum is designed to allow our pupils to:

  • have high levels of engagement, enjoyment and personal development;
  • achieve the best academic qualifications in a range of subjects;
  • have a broad, balanced education with high levels of personalisation, allowing them to develop specialisms and new interests across the key stages;
  • experience enterprise education, work related learning and information and communication technology.

The Cams Hill curriculum allows our pupils to be:

  • responsible and caring citizens who make positive contributions to society;
  • rounded individuals who are able to live healthy and fulfilling lives;
  • imaginative, creative and reflective;
  • problem solvers;
  • resilient, taking managed risks and learning from mistakes;
  • respectful of the rule of law, upholding fundamental British values and being respectful of those who have different faiths and beliefs;
  • kind and supportive of peers and adults;
  • successful learners who enjoy learning and making progress and are able to achieve and excel;
  • prepared for adult and working life in the 21st Century.