Weekly Message 48 – 8 November 2019


8th November 2019

Weekly Message – Issue 48

Credit Averages for this week:

Year 7                     6.89
Year 8                     6.83
Year 9                     6.31
Year 10                   3.84
Year 11                   2.90


We welcome our readers back after the half-term break.

Year 11 are amid their GCSE Mock Examinations and are conducting themselves superbly. As parents/carers are aware, these exams are run formally to help prepare the pupils for the actual exams later this year.

The school appreciates that this can be a challenging time and we ask pupils, parents and carers to make the most of the support and guidance offered by the Year 11 team, referring any concerns/ queries directly to them. What we learn now will enable us to work with pupils ahead of the actual exams so that pupils feel as comfortable as they can to achieve the best that they can.


The Headteacher’s blog contains more informal reflections and is available here:



Rotary Shoe Box Scheme

As part of our longstanding support for this initiative, Year 9 have been invited to put together Shoe Boxes to send to disadvantaged children in Eastern Europe at Christmas. We are aiming to send as many shoe boxes filled with gifts as possible.

Tutors have advised pupils on what can go into the boxes and we have asked that these are festively wrapped in paper (lid and box separate) with a £1 coin affixed to the top to cover Rotary’s postage. Pupils have been picking up leaflets from the Year Office but the website https://www.rotaryshoebox.org gives good advice on what goodies should be included.

In addition, we also have a donations box in the Year Office should pupils, parents or carers wish to donate small gifts but not a whole box. There is also lots of wrapping paper in the office should it be needed.

There are House points attached to the boxes we receive, whether these are individually from staff, from pupils or from tutor groups – so please, if you can do so, please put a box together and send it our way!

The boxes are being collected early next week so we are asking for boxes to be brought to the Year Office no later than Monday 11 November 2019.

Thank you 😊



Bronze Certificate Award Winners

We would very much to congratulate all the pupils who have achieved their bronze certificate in Years 7-10 for the number of credits awarded to them from the start of September to Thursday 7 November 2019.

This means that for pupils in Year 7-9, pupils have achieved 100 credits or more and for Years 10 and 11, 75 credits. A huge well done to all pupils on this fabulous achievement. The certificates will be presented to pupils next week – keep a look out!



Lest we Forget


Parents and carers will be in receipt of a letter detailing our observance to a 2-minute silence taking place on Monday 11 November 2019 at 1100. To enable this to happen, the timings of the school day have been adjusted slightly.

As well as the 2-minute silence pupils will be taking part in activities during Tutor Time (SMSCD) linked to the reason behind Remembrance Day as a commemorative occasion.



Year 9 Parents’ Tutor Evening

If you are a parent/carer of a Year 9 pupil, we hope that you will be able to join us on Tuesday for the Year 9 Parents’ Tutor Evening. A letter has already been sent to parents/carers with the specific details.

Link to letter

Link to guide to booking appointments



Key Dates

November 2019
Monday 11Year 11: Mocks
Remembrance Day. Break: 11.00am: 2 mins silence
Tuesday 12Year 11: Mocks
Year 9: Parents Tutor Evening
Wednesday 13Year 11: Mocks
Governors: Pastoral Committee
Parent/Headteacher Clinic
Acting Academy
Thursday 14Year 11: Mocks
Year 7-11: Gosport and Fareham Schools and Colleges Dance Festival – Brune Park School
Friday 15Year 11: Mocks




Allergen Guide – Mains

Allergen Guide – Sides


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