Meet our Governors

The Board of Governors exercises its powers and functions with a view to fulfilling a largely strategic leadership role in the running of the academy, addressing such matters as:

  • policy development and strategic planning, including target-setting to keep up momentum on school improvement;
  • ensuring sound management and administration of the academy, and ensuring that the Senior Leadership Team are equipped with relevant skills and guidance;
  • ensuring compliance with legal requirements;
  • establishing and maintaining a transparent system of prudent and effective internal controls;
  • management of the academy’s financial, human and other resources;
  • monitoring performance and the achievement of objectives and ensuring that plans for improvement are acted upon;
  • helping the academy be responsive to the needs of parents and the community and making it more accountable through consultation and reporting;
  • setting the academy’s standards of conduct and values;
  • assessing and managing risk (including preparation of a statement on the academy’s risk management for its annual report and accounts).

The Full Board of Governors have established three primary committees to exercise powers and functions on behalf of the Governors and their constitution;

These Committees are;

  • Resources
  • Pastoral
  • Teaching Learning and Assessment

Additionally, committees to discuss pupil discipline, staff appeals, pay review, pay appeals, complaints or as required by circumstances will be formed from a pool of governors agreed by the Full Board of Governors, based on their availability.

All Governors are appointed for a 4-year term.
Appointed in November 2022 by the Parents
Vittorio joined the Governing Board in November 2022. He is a Parent Member with his daughter attending Year 9. Vittorio has been working in education for many years and now he is a Senior Lecturer at Solent University.
Vittorio has a genuine passion for students’ education and achievement, and wants to support the school in keeping the standards high, improving and developing them, to provide an even better student experience. He is a member of the TLA Committee.


Appointed by the Members
Re-appointed in November 2019 by the Governors (first appointed by Members in November 2015)
JoAnna joined the Cams Hill Governing Body in December 2015 and is a former pupil. She is committed to giving back to the school she once attended. JoAnna Chairs the Pastoral Committee and is the Bridging the Disadvantaged Gap/Pupil Premium Link Governor. JoAnna is also a member of the Pay Committee and the Headteacher Performance Review Committee.


Appointed in May 2021 by the Members
Craig became a Governor at Cams Hill School in May 2021. Craig is a member of the senior leadership team at a local prep school and as Director of Studies has extensive experience of teaching and learning. Craig believes that the impact on children should be at the centre of any decision-making process within a school and hopes the role of Governor will allow him to learn from others and gain a deeper understanding of the education sector. Craig sits on the Teaching, Learning and Assessment Committee and is the Careers Link Governor.


Appointed by the Members, Re-elected by School Staff in September 2019 (first elected by School Staff in October 2015)
Sara is a staff Governor and sits on the Pastoral Committee. She works closely with both the Senior Leadership Team and Safeguarding Link Governor in her role as a Designated Safeguarding Lead, to ensure children are safe within Cams Hill School.


Appointed in November 2020 by the Members
Nichola joined the board of Governors in November 2020. She is an experienced Governor having spent 8 years on Redlands Primary School’s governing board and has over 20 years’ experience in accounting and is a Chartered Accountant. Nichola is passionate about education and understands the importance of great teachers providing caring and thriving environments for young people. Nichola loves Maths and Science and successfully tutors pupils studying GCSE Maths. Nichola is Co-Vice Chair of the Full Governing Board and Vice Chair of the TLA Committee and the Resources Committee.


Appointed in July 2022 by the Members
Iain joined the Full Governing Board in September 2022. Iain is a retired History teacher and educational professional. His broad experience in the education sector includes working as; an advisor for statutory assessment in West Sussex, an advisory teacher in Northamptonshire responsible for developing Records of Achievement in secondary schools; and as a Lead Ofsted Inspector. He also worked within the National College for School Leadership, training on and creating programmes for school leaders. In terms of Governor experience, he volunteered for two years as Governor at a secondary school in Surrey. In addition to his membership of the Full Governing Board, for which he is Co-Vice Chair, Iain is also the Chair of the Teaching, Learning and Assessment Committee.


Ex Officio Governor, appointed by Governors in September 2015
Gwennan became Headteacher of Cams Hill in September 2015 and is a Governor by right of her job role, with additional Accounting Officer responsibilities for the Trust. She is committed to working collaboratively with the Governing Body at Cams Hill School and the Senior Leadership Team to ensure all pupils have an excellent and holistic education. From September 2022, Gwennan will be CEO / EL at the GMAT (Gateway Multi Academy Trust) 0.6 and Headteacher at Cams Hill School 0.4.


Appointed in October 2022 by the Members
Tim joined Cams Hill Governing Body in October 2022. Tim brings many years of senior management experience from the technology sector having worked at some of the largest global tech firms and is a local resident of the school. Tim is passionate about helping young people prepare for and flourish in the world of modern business and is a coach/mentor in his spare time. Tim is a member of the Resources Committee.


Re-appointed in February 2023 by the Governors (first appointed by the Members in February 2019)
Chris Keep is a former Cams Hill pupil and joined the Governing Body in February 2019. He has a background in IT and network security. Chris is Chair of the Full Governing Board, and is a member of the Resources Committee.


Appointed in October 2021 by the Members
Bobby joined the Governing Body in November 2021. He is an experienced Governor at two previous primary schools and works in the education sector at the University of Portsmouth. Bobby is passionate about the success of Cam Hill School and enthusiastic about supporting the school in getting the best education for the pupils at Cams Hill School. Bobby is a member of Pastoral Committee and is also Safeguarding Link Governor.


Re-appointed in July 2022 by the Governors (first appointed by Members in July 2018)
Chris joined Cams Hill as an appointed Governor in July 2018. He is a Head of Year and science teacher at a local secondary school and he brings his knowledge and experience to the Governing Body. Chris sits on the Teaching, Learning and Assessment Committee, Pay Committee and Headteacher Review Committee.


Appointed by the Members, elected by School Staff in May 2021
Lauren was elected by the staff body to become a Governor in May 2021. She is currently a Head of Year and Teacher of History and Psychology at Cams Hill School. Lauren has strong pastoral experience and passionately believes that ‘every child deserves a champion’. Lauren sits on the Resources Committee.


Appointed in October 2022 by the Members
Rachael joined the Board of Governors in October 2022. Her background is in academic publishing and research, and she currently manages educational online resources for an international not-for-profit organisation. Rachael is eager to support Cams Hill School in its commitment to ensure pupils feel safe, valued, and confident in their abilities. She is a member of the Pastoral Committee.


Appointed in March 2021 by the Members
Lynda joined the Governing body in March 2021. Lynda is a HR Manager at IBM and has over 20 years’ experience in this field.  Lynda is also skilled in project management and is an English Literature graduate. Lynda is passionate about supporting good mental health and is a trained mental health mentor and coach in her workplace. Lynda is Vice Chair of the Pastoral Committee, is a member of the Pay Committee, and is the SEND Link Governor.


Abby is Clerk to the Cams Hill Governing Body and is responsible for ensuring all members have the information they need to make informed strategic decisions about the school moving forward. Abby also ensures the smooth running of both Committee and Full Governing Body meetings by working with the Chair to manage agendas, policies, documents and minutes.

Governors that stepped down from the Cams Hill School Board of Governors during the last 12 months:


First appointed in October 2013 by Members, resigned and stepped down from the Board of Governors in July 2022.


First appointed in October 2019 by Members, resigned and stepped down from the Board of Governors in November 2022.


First appointed in December 2015 by Members, resigned and stepped down from the Board of Governors in October 2022.

Articles of Association

Terms of Reference – Full Board of Governors

Terms of Reference – Resources Committee

Terms of Reference – Pastoral Committee

Terms of Reference – Teaching, Learning and Assessment Committee

Scheme of Delegation

Governor Roles 2022-2023

Governors Declaration of Interest 2022 – 2023

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