Guided Choices – Key Stage 4


Lead – Mr I Hudson (Assistant Head – KS4 Options)

Lead – Mr M Townsend (Head of Year 9)

Year 9 Options 2021

The most important thing to remember is that the choices you make now will not automatically and irreversibly determine your future study and career.

What is certain is that you will be studying these subjects for two school years, so you need to make your decisions for the right reasons.

Our official Guided Choices booklet will be available at the start of March 2021. However, for reference, we have made last year’s available via the link below.


Good reasons for choosing an option

  • choose subjects you enjoy
  • choose subjects that you will be willing to work hard to succeed in

Bad reasons for choosing an option

  • don’t just choose the ones your friends are doing – there will be a good chance you won’t end up in their class anyway!


Please see the download link below to open the Cams Hill School Key Stage 4 Guided Choices Handbook


Download 2020 Options Booklet

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