Weekly Message 167 – 25 November 2022


25th November 2022

Credit Averages Per Pupil for This Week


Year 7                  5.66

Year 8                  5.33

Year 9                  5.72

Year 10                3.94

Year 11                1.96


It has been a very wet few weeks with many pupils walking to school or travelling on their bike in torrential rain. A significant number have been arriving at school without a coat/waterproof clothing and saturated blazers which can then distract from the core purpose of teaching and learning.

Please can parents/carers ensure that their children are wearing a suitable coat to school so that they are not uncomfortable for the rest of the day.



Years 7 and 8 Virtual Road Safety Assembly


On Friday 18 November Year 7 and 8 pupils took part in an assembly on road safety. The assembly highlighted how pupils can keep safe whilst travelling to and from school.

It is particularly important to raise awareness for the winter months which are approaching as the mornings and evenings become darker. Each tutor group engaged well, answered key questions and contributed to the session.

The assembly reminded pupils just how important it is to follow the school rule and wear helmets when cycling to and from school and increase the visibility of their bikes and themselves with brightly coloured reflective clothing and reflectors. Pupils were also reminded about the use of mobile phones whilst walking and how distracting headphones can be when needing to remain alert to their surroundings.

We would urge parents/carers to have a check in with pupils at home about what they have learnt and see if there are any changes/updates they need to make to their routine or equipment to keep themselves road safe whilst travelling to and from school.



Parent View November 2022


Feedback from stakeholders is important to us for quality assurance purposes and to inform further development. Thank you to those that have already completed the Parent View questionnaire. A letter was sent to all parents/carers last week which included a link to Parent View and further details. The questionnaire will remain live until 2 December 2022.  We thank you in anticipation.



Class of 2022 Certificate Collection


Calling all ex-Year 11 pupils of Class of 2022. We are pleased to invite you to school to collect your GCSE certificates on Tuesday 29 November 2022 between 1530 and 1730.  Coursework for Art, Photography and Graphics will also be available for collection on the evening. We ask that you make your way into school via reception.

A letter with the specific details has been sent to parents/carers dated 18 November 2022 – this includes information on what to do if ex pupils would like siblings/parents/carers to pick up the certificates on their behalf. Please be advised that collection of either work and/or certificates after 29 November 2022 can only be arranged by prior appointment and that we are required to retain certificates for 12 months; thereafter they may be disposed of by the school.

We very much hope that you will be able to join us and look forward to seeing you and hearing about what you have been up to since leaving Cams Hill School.



Key Stage 3 Art Homework Project



Last term pupils in Year 7, 8 and 9 were set their first ever independent homework project in Art whereby they had to select one of six different options relating to the project they were currently studying in class. It goes without saying that we were overwhelmed by the incredible work of our young artists and a selection of their work has now been put on display in our main corridor for the whole school to enjoy.



Cams Creative Art Competition Winners


Earlier this week Ms Oswald-Cutler (Curriculum Leader of Art) and Ms Noble (Assistant Headteacher) judged the entries from this year’s Cams Creative Art Competition. The winners will all receive a £15 Amazon gift voucher and the runners up will receive art materials.

The results are as follows:

The winner of the Fine Art category is Leo A and the runner up is Joseph G
The winner of the Photography & Digital Art category is Izzie M and the runner up is Carly A
The winner of the 3D/Relief category is Olivia C and the runner up is Henry K
The winner of the Mixed Media category is Gracie N and the runner up is Aidey W

We would also like to highly commend the work of Billy O, Elliott A, Gracie N and Alice B whose work was outstanding and impressed the judges.

Well Done to all those who took part. Your artwork is now on its way to HampshireCAMHS to be a part of the ‘This Is Me’ exhibition being shown at The Winchester School of Art (see attached poster for further details on visiting).

This Is Me Exhibition 22 11 18



Donations to Help the Homeless – Deadline 30 November 2022


Our charity giving is in full flow! The school takes pride in what it can do to support local charities and it is evident that our community of pupils, parents and carers are so generous and willing to donate where they are able to do so. Our Year 7 and 8 pupils are seeking to help the homeless.

If you can donate any of the following items to reception, we would be extremely grateful: Hats, scarfs, gloves, socks, handwarmers, wet wipes, small bottles of deodorants, toothbrushes, toothpaste, notebooks, pens, pencils, sweets, coffee vouchers

 The deadline for these donations is 30 November 2022.



Fareham and Gosport Food Bank Donations


We also invite donations to the Food Bank which as well as supporting people in need, will earn 10 House points to the House directly. If you can donate, here is a list of items that are needed:

  • Jars of jam • Chocolate and sweets • Jars of pasta sauce • Jars of sauce to go with rice • Tins of minced beef, stewed steak etc • Tins of chicken in white sauce, chicken curry etc • Tins of peas, carrots, sweetcorn • Tins of corned beef, ham, spam • Tins of potatoes • Tins of meatballs, hotdogs • Tins of spaghetti • Tins of tuna and other fish • Bags of rice • Tins or cartons of custard • Tins of rice pudding • Tins of fruit • UHT milk (semi skimmed and full fat) • Shower gel • Shampoo • Deodorant – women’s and men’s • Toilet rolls

Thank you in anticipation of any support you can offer.



Mission Christmas 2022



Mission Christmas is a charity run by wave105. Their mission is to ensure as many children as possible across the south (areas local to us) get something at Christmas. Charities apply to Mission Christmas for help from children’s hospitals and hostels to families in need and many more.

Every year they struggle to find donations for older boys, although all gifts are gratefully received. Gifts must be brand new*, and non-perishable (no food items please). Gifts can include socks, hats, scarves, drawing pads, stationery, models to make, football, rugby balls, toiletries, etc …

 (*Please do not gift wrap the items)

We completely understand this is a huge ask in difficult times, but any donation is gratefully received and hugely appreciated.

Thank you for all your support as always.

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