Weekly Message 44 – 04 October 2019


4th October 2019

Weekly Message – Issue 44

Credit Averages for this week:

Year 7                     9.87
Year 8                     10.54
Year 9                     8.04
Year 10                   5.58
Year 11                    3.56


Parents/Carers may be aware that as well as this weekly message, published on Fridays, pupils are updated by the Senior Pupil Leadership Team during tutor time on a Monday.

The Leadership Team find out about the previous week’s successes, to share and celebrate, as well as about upcoming events to promote involvement, eg trips, clubs, House challenges and sporting events and fixtures.  The team also ask for items of general interest from the school community to include in their message.

This is a new initiative this year to work alongside the ‘Wednesday’s Words of Wisdom’ recorded and delivered to all pupils during tutor time by the staff of the Senior Leadership Team.

The Headteacher’s blog contains more informal reflections and is available here:


Year 7 Settling-in Evening – Tuesday 8 October 2019

Shout out to parents/carers of Year 7 pupils.  Don’t forget next week we are holding our Year 7 ‘Settling-in’ Evening – an opportunity for parents/carers to meet the tutor and hear about their child’s first few weeks here at Cams Hill School.  The school’s SENCO is also available by appointment as well as members of the school’s Senior Leadership Team.

Please do book your appointment using the following link.  https://camshillschool.parentseveningsystem.co.uk


Shop Local Initiative

At Cams Hills School, we believe in the importance of community and are committed to strengthening links with local businesses therefore this year we have launched a #CamsCommunity ‘ShopLocal’ initiative to support the Fareham area, giving local shops and amenities a platform to reach our CHS community.

The first evening to include this Shop Local is for Year 7 parents/carers attending our Year 7 Settling in and Learning Support Evening on Tuesday 8 October 2019.  The businesses will be in our Canteen so make sure to pop by and have a chat.  We have also dedicated a page on the Cams Hill School, website with links to the companies attending which can be found at https://www.camshill.com/shop-local-with-camscommunity/.

If you are a business that would like to get involved, please contact us at office@camshill.com for more information.


Here’s what has happened this week …

Nexus Coffee Mornings

The Nexus Academy is our ‘school within a school’ – our onsite alternative provision, which offers alternative curriculum options to some mainstream timetabled lessons for those pupils who are or may struggle with the traditional curriculum.

On Wednesday 2 October and Friday 4 October, the Academy opened its doors for our first parent/carer coffee mornings, providing an opportunity for parents/carers to have a look at the personalised provision put in place for their child and to meet the Nexus Academy staff.

In an informal setting, parents/carers talked through their first impressions of the Nexus Academy and volunteered ideas and suggestions for where we could go on the next stage of our journey.


The Design Museum Trip

Design Museum Students

On Tuesday, the Year 10 GCSE Design and Technology pupils went to visit the Design Museum in Kensington, London.

The school has entered pupils into the ‘Ventura’ competition to design an everyday product to be sold in the Design Museum shop.

Pupils explored the museum and had a look around the shops to gain inspiration for their product packaging. To end the day, pupils took part in a modelling workshop to help them produce ideas quickly and outside the box and each group had a chance to present their ideas.

The fantastic group effort with ‘branding’ was noted by two industry experts. A brilliant day enjoyed by all.


Geography Trip to Hill Head

The Geography Department took 125 Year 10 pupils to the beach at Hill Head near Stubbington this week, not simply because the sun was shining and the sea was sparkling, of course, but because it offered an excellent chance to study whether coastal processes are reshaping the beach and whether the wooden groynes there are still effective.  The pupils were exemplary and set about measuring the height of the beach in various places with zeal.  The trip, although brief, yielded excellent data to analyse and insights into the enquiry process, all essential components for Geography Paper 3.  They presented and analysed the data, evaluated the findings and wrote an extended exam answer when they returned to school.


Road Safety Assemblies

Year 7 and 8 had the privilege of listening to Chris Collins from Hampshire County Council this week in an extended assembly on Road Safety.

As a school we are continually aiming to increase awareness of Road Safety amongst our pupils. Chris spoke about real life local stories of how young people had been directly affected by the road safety incidents and this really opened our pupils’ eyes.

Many pupils asked interesting questions and paid attention to the engaging clips.

Thank you to Chris for coming in to speak with us and helping to keep us safe on our travels to and from school.


Kindness Update

LUSH and Bottle Tops

LUSH in Portsmouth are working with us again this year to collect and recycle milk bottle tops (alongside laundry detergent lids and coffee jar lids). The House coloured boxes will be kept in Reception from Friday this week. House points are awarded for the heaviest box when weigh-ins take place.


The Rucksack Project

We have started our first Kindness House Competition, by supporting The Portsmouth Rucksack Project 2019.

Tutor groups have been asked to work together to fill a rucksack with dried foods, warm clothes and blankets, amongst other things, for us to support the homeless during the winter months.

The tutor groups will be able to win House points for the amount donated. Several tutor groups have already begun filling rucksacks with the fantastic generosity that the Cams Hill community always displays.

For more information about the Portsmouth Rucksack Project 2019, please see below:

The Rucksack Project

Rucksack Project

The project is now in its 6thyear and has currently collected over 40,000 donations and rucksacks for the homeless community.

Bring along your donation to pompey in the Community, next to pfc on Saturday November 30thbetween 10am and 2pm. Your donations will then be taken away to be distributed to the homeless by numerous organisations, we will have representatives and managers from various soup kitchens, churches, outreach and organisations there on the day for you to chat with and find out how they work.

The idea is simple, if you can find an old rucksack and fill it with essential items that would benefit a homeless person, such as a hat, gloves, socks, toiletries, long-life food…..etc.

If you can’t find a rucksack or this is beyond your budget, we welcome single donations.

Rucksack Items

Toiletries– wipes, lip balm, deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush, comb, soap.

Food items– any tins of food, biscuits, cereal bars, dried packets, such as noodles, rice, pasta. Some foods will go in the rucksacks and some will be distributed so meals can be cooked for the homeless.

Clothing– coats only please, no bags of loose clothing. Boots in good condition, all sizes.

Sleeping bags– any sleeping bags, new or second-hand.


See our facebook page – the rucksack project Portsmouth 2019 for more details.


Key Dates

October 2019
Monday 8
Tuesday 9Year 9/10 Girls:Hampshire RFU Schools Rugby Festival (Southampton RFC)
Year 7: Settling in and Learning Support Evening
Wednesday 10Parent/Headteacher Clinic
Acting Academy
Thursday 11TBC School Council Meeting
Friday 12Year 9: Battlefields Trip returning 12 October


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