Year 11 Future Learning Pathways


Year 11 – Future Learning Pathways

We realise the Class of 2020 have had a difficult time during the Covid-19, so we have designed this page to help provide information about your GCSEs, career guidance and colleges all in one place.

Summer GCSE Grading

As you will be aware, it was announced in March that the Summer 2020 GCSE exam series would be cancelled as a direct result of Covid-19. Information about how GCSE grades will be calculated can be found below. Please do read and watch the guidance, including frequently asked questions. Cams Hill School are not able to give any further information about this process, as we are following the same guidance.

  1. Letter to Students from Ofqual.
  2. Ofqual’s Guide to Grading

Not Sure What To Do Next?

We realise that some of you may not have made final decisions about life after CHS. If you are still feeling unsure and would like further guidance, please contact Mr Purslow on email via Cams Office. We can then set up a virtual careers interview to help guide you through the next steps.


If you were intending on applying to college but hadn’t done so yet – please do. Application lines are phone lines are mostly open, emails are being accepted and many places are conducting telephone interviews.

Fareham Collage 
Itchen College
Bay House Sixth Form
Barton Peveril
St Vincent College
Southdowns College

For those going to Fareham Collage, they have advised that students complete the transition booklet to help you get ready for your course.

Keep on Learning?

At the bottom of the page, you will find a range of different learning guides for subjects that you might be interested in taking for Year 12. It’s good to keep your brain active and keep learning… the guides give you topic areas to bridge the gap between GCSE and the next level of qualifications.

It’s also a good idea to read around your subject and get ahead of any course content you might be starting in September.

Eton Online Study Course

Year 11 have been signed up to do the EtonX Resilience Self-Study course. Resilience is often seen as a natural quality rather than a skill which can be learnt.  However, as young people face the pressures of a rapidly changing world, character education in schools is more important than ever.  The course aims to equip pupils with the positivity, perseverance and self-awareness that they need in order to achieve academic success, but also to become happier, healthier and more responsible members of society, now and in the future.  The EtonX Resilience course will enable them to enhance their resilience skills in a clear, step-by-step approach of applying new skills to their lives.  EtonX courses promote pedagogical methods practised at Eton College such as independent learning, critical thinking, self- and peer-assessment and tutor-facilitated learning.

By enrolling in an EtonX Future Skills course, Year 11 will be joining a large community of online students across the country who are developing essential life skills online.

Linked is the student handbook for you all to have a closer look at the course content but upon completion of the course you will be able to:

  • understand and regulate your emotions
  • recognise and build on your strengths
  • learn from your experiences
  • form new, positive habits
  • look at situations from different perspectives
  • have a positive, optimistic attitude
  • move beyond failure and make your dreams reality
  • build and maintain strong, trusting relationships with others.

If this is of interest to you, the course will be activated today, Wednesday 22April 2020 and will expire 31 July 2020.  To sign up for the course, go to the login page and refer to Mrs Newman’s letter for the access code and username.

Download Journey to A Level English

Download Keep on Learning Art

Download Keep on Learning Biology

Download Keep on Learning Business

Download Keep on Learning Economics

Download Keep on Learning Geography

Download Keep on Learning Health and Social care

Download Keep on Learning History

Download Keep on Learning IT

Download Keep on Learning Law

Download Keep on Learning Maths

Download Keep on Learning PE

Download Keep on Learning Philosophy

Download Keep on Learning Physics

Download Keep on Learning Psychology

Download Keep on Learning Sociology

Download Career in Animals

Download Keep on Learning Languages

Download Keep on Learning Health and Social care

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