Weekly Message 97 – 5 February 2021


5th February 2021


Credit Averages for This Week


Year 7                  4.75

Year 8                  3.41

Year 9                  3.83

Year 10                3.44

Year 11                3.40


Thank you to parents/carers of Year 9 pupils who were able to join us on Tuesday for the Subject Parents’ Evening. Year 9 pupils are thinking now about their Subject Choices for next year. There will be lots of support and guidance for pupils over the coming weeks but click  here for more information about the school’s Guided Choices Programme, which is also available on our website.


Covid Testing


Lateral Flow Covid Testing continues in school for CWOSP pupils and staff working on site. In addition, staff have participated in their first weekly saliva test with the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Saliva Testing Programme. As referenced in previous communications with parents and carers, pupils will also join the programme when we have the green light from the programme leads.


February Half-Term Holiday


We remind parents and carers that the school will be closed to all pupils for the February half-term holiday from Monday 15 February 2021 to Friday 19 February 2021.



Place2Be ‘Children’s Mental Health Week’ 1 February 2021 – 7 February 2021


We have been proud this week to have been supporting Place2Be’s Children’s Mental Health Week which concludes on Sunday 7 February 2021. It is recognised that without a healthy mind, young people can struggle emotionally, socially and academically.


This year’s theme for Children’s Mental Health week is ‘Express Yourself.’  Finding healthy ways to express creatively is one way of looking after our mental health. When we can find creative, enjoyable ways to share our thoughts, feelings and ideas, this can make us feel good and help our mental health, especially through challenging times.


To show our support, every day we have had different activities taking place in tutor sessions including some mindful moments and breathing activities, an activity launched by the Art Department to send some photographs or pictures of ways in which they express their identities and other activities where they can connect with their tutors and talk about mental health and well-being.


We have already shared with pupils, parents and carers our new dedicated email address for all things mental health. If parents/carers would like more information and guidance on mental health support both in school and outside school, or because you have some suggestions and ideas for us, please do make contact using the email address mentalhealthsupport@camshill.com.


Parents/carers can also find us on our social media accounts where again, we post and share tips and guidance suitable for everyone.


TWITTER: @CHSMentalHealth  @camsgeog

FACEBOOK: Cams Hill School

INSTAGRAM: camshillmentalhealth





Online Safety

Below is a link to 7 Top Tips for Supporting Children to Express Themselves Safely Online from  National Online Safety.

Express themselves



The Headteacher’s blog contains more informal reflections and is available here:





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