Weekly Message 85 – 23 October 2020


23rd October 2020

Achievement Points Averages for This Week

Year 7      8.23

Year 8      10.31

Year 9      8.06

Year 10    7.84

Year 11    5.22


Today we conclude the first half-term of this academic year. Whilst we have all adapted to a new teaching and learning environment, we have had a great seven weeks back together as a community and so much has been achieved and enjoyed.  We celebrate pupils’ hard work and commitment and we thank parents/carers for their support.

It is time now for us all to take a break and we wish our Cams Hill Community a lovely half term holiday.


Year 9 Tutor Parents’ Evening

A reminder to parent/carers of Year 9 pupils that the Year 9 Tutor Parents’ Evening will be taking place virtually on Tuesday 10 November 2020 – the specific details about the evening and how parents/carers can make an appointment with their child’s tutor, can be found on the letter from Mr Townsend (Head of Year 9) dated 21 October 2020.

Year 9 Tutor Parent’s Evening Letter

Guide to booking appointments

Guide to attending online appointment



With the school closed to pupils on Friday, staff focussed on ‘Teaching and Learning Using a Virtual Platform’ as we continue to develop the Cams Hill Online Classroom (CHOC).  Teachers are committed to ensuring that where pupils are home learning, their education experience is as close to what they receive in the classroom as possible. The dates of all INSET Days can be found on the school calendar with the next INSET day taking place on 23 November 2020.


Enrichment Day

Our Personal Development Learning and Citizenship curriculum aims to give pupils the knowledge, skills, and attributes they need to keep themselves healthy and safe and to prepare them for life and work in modern Britain. On Tuesday we had our first Enrichment Day of the year. Year 7 looked at Health and Safety, Year 8 Adolescence and Responsibility, Year 9 Diversity and British Values, Year 10 Sex Education and Year 11 Preparing for their GCSEs. Pupils contributed to the day brilliantly with good questioning and discussion. We very much look forward to our next Enrichment Day which will take place next term.


Battle of Hastings

This term, Year 7 have been learning about the Norman conquest of England. They have learned about the chronological events that led up to the success of William the Conqueror. As part of this unit, Year 7 were given the task to research Norman and Saxon shields and to create one. We then spent a lesson re-enacting the Battle of Hastings as a way of engaging pupils outside of the classroom.


English Department House Challenge – Poet Tree Challenge

We invite entries from pupils with our Poet Tree Challenge. Pupils can create a poem based on the theme of trees. All entries will receive 10 house points.

The five best poems from each year group will be awarded 100 points for their house.

Second place will receive 75 points.

Third place will receive 50 points.

We ask pupils to send their poems to Miss S Hopkins in En2 or  shopkins@camshill.com by 10 December 2020. Good luck!


“Make Your Own” Maths Revision Postcards Now on Sale via Scopay

We have just completed our first round of assessments in Mathematics for Years 7-10 and Year 11 have their mock exams coming up over the first two weeks in November.  Pupils learn and revise in different ways but producing their own revision cards or flashcards may appeal to some learners.  Year 11 were shown how flashcards can be used for revising during their Enrichment Day on Tuesday.  The Leitner method is an effective way to use flashcards.  Click on this link for more information.  The coloured cards have also been recommended for the pupils following the GCSE Technology courses.


Packs of 100 lined cards (152x102mm), white or multi-coloured, can be purchased online at http://www.scopay.com/camshill-hants and can be collected from the Finance Office.  The cards cost £1 per pack and come with a free treasury tag!


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