Weekly Message 154 – 8 July 2022


8th July 2022

Credit Averages for This Week

Year 7                  7.29

Year 8                  4.01

Year 9                  3.09

Year 10                1.15


Well done to all Year 10 pupils who sat their exams in English, Maths and Science this week in the Sports Hall under formal conditions.  It is important for pupils to have experience and to become familiar with the rules, regulations and expectations set by the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) ahead of the external exams they will take next year.

In-class assessments have also been taken in other subjects and teachers are now busy marking the papers ahead of giving pupils the outcomes and feedback as we conclude Year 10.


Year 6 into Year 7 Transition Parents’ Evening


Thank you to the parents and carers able to come to school on Wednesday as part of the transition programme; it was lovely to meet you all after meeting your children on the Induction Days last week.

We hope that you were able to use the evening to familiarise yourself with the school, meet the Headteacher and your child’s Head of Year and members of the Year 7 Tutor Team who will be working closely with your children when they join us in September.


Year 7 Parents/ Subject Evening (Online)


Thank you to parents/carers who joined teachers on Tuesday to discuss their child’s progress as they conclude their first year and move into Year 8. We are also grateful to you for taking the time to give feedback using the questionnaire. This feedback is useful to us, offering another perspective.

We encourage parents and carers to get in contact with us with any concerns they have at any point during the school year (please do not wait for the questionnaire) so that we are able to address these when they present themselves.


Sports Day 2022




In glorious morning sunshine the whole school Sports Day kicked off with a bang.

There was an event for everyone, including the ever-popular tug of war, end ball, track athletics and field athletics so participation levels were high.  This was our biggest Sports Day yet with 10 tutor groups taking part in each year group.  Team spirit was high and face painting, hair glitter and banners were ever present; a fabulous day was had by all.

Well done to all participants and our thanks go to the teachers and support staff who helped on the day. Sports Day results and winning House results will be revealed next week.


Head Prefect Team 2022 – 2023

The long wait is over, we can now proudly announce our Head Prefect Team for next year!

Our Head Prefects are C McIntosh and S Kent

Our Deputy Head Prefects are K Axelsen and E Collins

Our congratulations go to them all.

We are super proud of all the Year 10 pupils who applied and the commitment and enthusiasm they gave to the process is to be commended.  It was a very difficult decision indeed!

We very much look forward to seeing the whole team in action next year and the contribution they will make in this role to the school and its wider community.


Year 8 Trip to The Witterings



This week saw the first of two fieldwork days with Year 8.  In Geography we like pupils to have access to outside classroom work as much as possible.

For this fieldwork trip they were looking at both human and physical geography.  The human side of the trip was to look at the land use of a coastal town, East Wittering, and how the shops are used in the town.  For the physical side of the trip pupils carried out bipolar surveys looking at the spit at the end of West Wittering’s beach.  They were looking at litter, how busy it was, how noisy it was and what the habitat was like. This was also backed up with some added knowledge about longshore drift and the formation of a spit which will be covered in lessons through the topic of Coasts.  It was a great day and well done to all involved.


Grease Auditions



The Drama, Dance and Music department were so thrilled with the Grease auditions that took place on Wednesday. The pupils showed amazing effort and focus, and the talent was exceptional. After recalls on Thursday, we are pleased to have our cast for Grease 2023. Cast will be announced on Monday at break time!


Geography House Challenge


This was the first annual Geography volcano model/cake house challenge.  Pupils were invited to express their geographical knowledge by either using their model building skills or baking skills in a fun and creative way.  We received responses from Year 7 up to Year 9 and there were some great looking and tasting cakes.

The top three were all amazing with two cakes and a model.  Overall, a good turnout for the first challenge and we can’t wait to see how this progresses each year.


Online Safety – Snapchats – ‘Meet Up’


The following information has been shared from INEQE safeguarding group, this is highlighting the concerns around ‘Meet Up,’ Snapchat’s latest layer within their app.




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