How will I know how my child is doing?

19th October 2017

We believe that your child’s education should be a partnership between parents and teachers, therefore we aim to keep communication channels open and communicate regularly, especially if your child has complex needs.

We offer an open door policy where you are welcome, any time, to make an appointment to meet with either the class teacher or SENCo and discuss how your child is getting on. We can offer advice and practical ways that you can help your child at home. If your child is added to the SEND register, they will be given an IEP (Individual Education Plan) or a Pupil Learning Profile (PLP) and a copy will be sent to parents.

If you have a child with complex SEND (who has an Education Health and Care Plan) a formal review with parent(s), the SENCo, relevant school staff and any outside agencies will take place once a year to review the child’s EHC Plan.

Your child will be given a pupil planner which they will bring home regularly. This can also be used to share comments from parents and teacher that can be responded to when needed.

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