How does the school evaluate the provision made for pupils with SEND?

19th October 2017

If your child has a special educational need their name will be placed on the school SEND Register. The school will communicate with the parent/carer to officially register the student on the SEND register.

The school SEND Register is updated regularly and is available to all appropriate staff.

If your child has complex SEND they may have a Special Educational Needs Support Agreement (SENSA), or have an Education and Health Care (EHC) Plan. Strategies employed to enable the student to progress will be recorded within a Pupil Learning Profile (PLP) which will include long term objectives, teaching strategies, provision/resources, review and evaluation. This is reviewed on a termly basis and parents/carers are given a copy of the PLP. A small number of pupils may require an Individual Education Plan (IEP), which will also include short term SMART targets.

For pupils with literacy difficulties receiving intervention, progress is assessed three times a year.

We believe that successful implementation of this SEND provision will ensure:
• early identification of children with special educational needs
• appropriate support for any child with a special educational need
• children with SEND are included in all areas of school life
• some children with SEND will improve sufficiently to be removed from the SEND register
• children with significant SEND will receive appropriate support from the LEA and other outside agencies
• there will be support and information for the parents of children with SEND
• our tracking and assessment procedures will be used efficiently to monitor and measure the progress of SEND children.

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