How does the school adapt the curriculum and learning environment for pupils with SEND?

19th October 2017

We provide effective opportunities for all children using, as a basis, the National Curriculum.  In our planning and teaching at Cams Hill School, teachers set suitable targets, respond to pupils’ diverse learning needs, and overcome potential barriers to learning for both individuals and groups of children.  The SENDCo will monitor the differentiated curriculum provided for children with SEND.  They will also support class teachers and Curriculum Linked Teaching Assistants (CLTAs) with their planning if requested.

Learning objectives are always made explicit but activities may be adapted or planned separately as appropriate.

Curriculum Leaders, in discussion with class teachers, may decide that a pupil would benefit from a programme of intervention outside of the classroom, focusing on reinforcing or extending their learning.  Typically, a pupil with SEND will be identified as benefiting from this type of intervention.  This may be delivered by a CLTA under the guidance of the class teacher or SENDCo.

In addition, specialist advisors or outside agencies may provide specific programmes of intervention aimed at pupils with SEND, one-to-one, under the direction of the SENDCo.  This may mean that a pupil is withdrawn from the curriculum to attend a series of lessons.

Children with SEND will be provided with opportunities to engage in a variety of both curricular and non-curricular activities with children who do not have SEND.

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