Times of the School Day 2019-2020

General supervision of pupils begins at 0820. Pupils may have breakfast in the Dining Hall or use the Library which has computers available from 0750.

Other areas of the school are out of bounds until 0820.

Pupils arriving early and not attending for breakfast or the Library are on site unsupervised. We therefore request that pupils do not arrive too early.

Breakfast/Library pupils on site 0750 0750
Main school building open 0820 0820
Tutor Time 0830-0840 0830-0840
Lesson 1 0840-0940 0840-0935
Lesson 2 0940-1040 0935-1030
Break 1040-1105 1030-1055
Lesson 3 1105-1205 1055-1150
Lesson 4 1205-1305 1150-1245
Break 1305-1345 1245-1315
Tutor Time 1345-1415  
Lesson 5 1415-1515 Lesson 5 1315-1410


The external servery hatch is open for quarter of an hour after the end of the school day Monday – Thursday for takeaway refreshments.

The Library is open until 1530 every day.



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If you need support or to talk to over the weekend, please look at the letter sent out on Thursday for guidance or the websiteYoung Minds