At Cams Hill the role of the tutor is key to supporting pupils with both their wellbeing and academic progress. Where possible tutors will take a tutor group through from years 7-11 ensuring that strong relationships are built and that pupils are really known by their tutors. Where this is not possible staff work hard to make sure that handover is as smooth as possible by sharing information about the pupils with the new tutor.

There are many roles that the tutor performs with their tutor groups including:

  • Being the first point of contact at the school for parents/carers
  • Reinforcing good attendance, punctuality, uniform and behavioural expectations
  • Regular checking and weekly signing of the pupil planner
  • Planning and delivery of tutor time activities covering issues that impact on the moral, social, cultural and spiritual lives of their tutees
  • Monitoring the health and welfare of tutees as part of daily tutor time.
  • Contributing to the references requested for their tutees by post-16 providers.
  • Ensuring that pupils understand the fire procedures for the school and helping them understand this and other emergency procedures and protocols
  • Delivering notices to their tutor group to ensure that all pupils are aware of activities and opportunities across the school
  • Helping with the facilitation of lockers
  • Attending parents’ evenings

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