Real Time Provision


RTP Lead – Mrs J Lawrence (Assistant Head)

IT Lead – Mr M Charles (Senior Leader)


Real Time Provision (RTP) is the next phase of our remote offer for all pupils during Lockdown3. It enables pupils to continue to follow the structure of their ‘normal’ school day and timetable and responds to feedback from staff, parents, carers and pupils. Curriculum Leaders and teachers can determine the delivery of lessons to best support pupil learning and engagement, taking into account subject, topic, and year group plus specific teaching group.


Responding to our survey feedback, it is important that RTP is sustainable for all involved; maintains structure of the school day for pupils; enables relationships to continue to be sustained and most importantly, enables real time curriculum content to be appropriately delivered by subject specialists and accessed/responded to by pupils. Pupils will continue to access all lesson resources and Zoom links through CHOC.


Each lesson (see timings below) will include;

  • Live introduction including register. Live register (on Edulink), followed by subject specific input and instruction, delivered by the specific class teacher at the start of every lesson. This live portion of the lesson will range between ten minutes and the entire lesson as some teachers will continue to deliver the whole lesson live, depending on the content. Starting with a live segment allows teachers to give feedback on submitted work, celebrate success (individual or group) and provide encouragement for all pupils for the work ahead. The rest of the lesson could then be pre-recorded or an offline independent task supported real time the class teacher through zoom chat or email.
  • Recap / activation of prior knowledge. Pupils should be reminded of, or tasked with recalling, the prior knowledge they need to successfully access the concepts and/or skills being presented in the lesson as part of the planned and sequenced curriculum/series of lessons in that subject.
  • Instructional input. Clear and precise explanation of new content, building on what pupils already know, and addressing as many possible misconceptions. Content needs to be appropriately challenging, in line with the planned curriculum.
  • Tasks. Teachers will set appropriate tasks which are specific to exactly what pupils are expected to learn and will model what success will look like. Longer tasks will be broken down into small, manageable chunks, and pupils will be told what to do if they are struggling. If tasks are being completed independently, email or Zoom chat facility (mics and video can be off at this point) is to be used for real time feedback and interaction / support.
  • Assessment / Review. Teachers will need to determine what pupils have understood from the lesson in order to inform future lessons and gauge progress. This can be done through questioning (either live or through an activity set up on CHOC), quizzing or work submission and is essential if some of the lesson has been completed by pupils independently. This will enable all pupils to have the opportunity to ask or submit questions that they have about the learning to identify areas of uncertainty and misconceptions and allow teachers to plan future lessons accordingly.
  • Required for KS4 and KS3. A relevant submission will be requested to evidence engagement, learning and progress. This could be done via Zoom chat facility during live lessons or through a google form or CHOC submission. Tasks / work submitted will require feedback which could be whole class or individual, written or verbal. Feedback / recognition may form part of the verbal live introduction or teaching for subsequent lessons.

Tutor Time

  • AM – Assembly Day (0830-0855)
  • AM – no assembly days (0840-0855) activity and/or task completion in line with tutor programme
  • PM – welfare check and opportunity for discussion in breakout rooms and smaller groups.

Assembly:- Mon – Year 7;  Tues – Year 8;  Weds – Year 9; Thurs – Year 10;  Fri – Year 11