Weekly Newsletter 17 November 2017


17th November 2017


Weekly Message

“I think probably kindness is my number one attribute in a human being. I’ll put it before any of the things like courage or bravery or generosity or anything else … kindness – that simple word. To be kind – it covers everything, to my mind. If you’re kind, that’s it.”- Roald Dahl



National Kindness Week began with Holly Mault (10A) distributing biscuits to every member of her year group during tutor time; it concluded with Mr Hudson and the pastoral teams encouraging pupils to carry out at least one random act of kindness over the weekend. National Kindness Week is a fantastic initiative and a good reason to remember to be nice to each other.

Today, the school community donated over £1000 as well as a huge number of essential items for the Fareham and Gosport Basics Bank, a local charity who distribute much-needed items to people in need. We would like to say a huge thank you to all the pupils, parents and staff who contributed – as you can see from the photo above, these generous contributions will make a difference to local families in difficulties at an expensive time of year. Thank you to Miss Elder for arranging this and thanks also to the many Year 11s who went round the school this morning collecting these items.

On Tuesday, a group of Years 7 and 8 girls took part in a rugby completion at Trojans Rugby Club in Eastleigh. Please read the bulletin below to see Miss Caddy’s report on how they performed.

Last week, we entered 10 pupils in the UKMT Senior Maths Challenge. This competition is aimed at pupils up to Year 13 but that didn’t deter David Chen, Year 11, who came top and has qualified for the next round of the competition. Shayne Wood, in Year 7, came second with a Silver Certificate. There were Bronze Certificates for Rory Taylor, Harry Collins, Alex Thomas and Naomi Costello, all of whom are in Year 11. Congratulations to all of the pupils involved and thank you to Mr Fairhead for organising.

Finally, a reminder that we are having an Enrichment Day on Tuesday 21st November. This is a day when all pupils are off-timetable and work on a variety of different topics, most of which are part of the school’s personal development learning programme. The only exception is Year 11 who are working on GCSE preparation, with a variety of different sessions to help them prepare for the summer exams. Thank you for all the hard work of Mr Anderson and the pastoral teams in preparing for this day.


The weekly Headteacher’s blog is available via the following link  https://camsheadteacher.wordpress.com/



Fantastic achievements in UKMT Senior Maths Challenge

Ten of our most able mathematicians took part in the UKMT Senior Maths Challenge last week and the results have already arrived back in school. This is a competition aimed at pupils up to Year 13, so is generally targeting students at sixth form college. Despite that, six of our pupils have achieved sufficient points to be awarded with a certificate. David Chen (11A) came top with a gold certificate and has qualified for the next round of the competition which takes place next month. Shayne Wood (7A) is a very gifted mathematician in Year 7 who, like David, has already achieved the highest of grades in GCSE Maths and Level 2 Further Maths. Shayne achieved a silver certificate – giving him another outstanding result.

Cams Hill had further success with bronze certificates from Rory Taylor (11S), Harry Collins (11L1), Alex Thomas (11S) and Naomi Costello (11L1).

This 1½ hour test occurred between two mock papers last week for Year 11, which makes the participation for all of those involved even more commendable. Congratulations to you all. We hope to take some of these pupils to a Maths Team Challenge later this month to build on this amazing success.

Mr C Fairhead, Most Able Coordinator



Year 7 and 8 Girls Rugby Festival

11 girls represented Cams Hill on Tuesday at Trojans Rugby Club in Eastleigh.
With over 20 teams and a variety of schools from across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight it was fantastic to see so many girls involved in rugby.

We arrived with some basic knowledge of rugby yet an appetite to learn and develop our rugby skills. The day was focused around learning through the game and that is exactly what Cams did!

In the morning we played against 4 strong teams. All of the girls showed determination and huge amounts of strength in the 4 games, making hard tackles, endless runs through and into the other teams and scoring some marvellous tries in every game.
We managed to win two of the games and narrowly lost the other two games 2-1.

We bravely opted to enter the competitive matches in the afternoon over the developmental games and were pitched against some amazing teams, full of talent. and experience (Arnewood, Ryde, Henry Cort and Toynebee). Losing out by 1 try kept haunting us in these games but the girls kept their heads up and didn’t give up.
As a team the girls learnt so much and although they arrived with just the basic knowledge and understanding of the game, we left knowing so much more and with 8 games of experience under our belts.

Miss E Caddy, Teacher of PE



Year 8 Boys Basketball Success

Year 8 Boys basketball win 24-14 over Bridgemary

Mr R Gunner, Teacher of PE



Library Lunch Club



Library – Celebrate National Non-fiction November




Key Dates

June 2019
Monday 17Year 11: GCSE German Paper 4 (AM 1h/1h 15m)
Year 11: GCSE Certificate in Further Mathematics (calculator) (PM 2h)
Year 8 & 9: Design and Technology Upcycling Competition
Tuesday 18Year 11: GCSE Additional Mathematics (AM 2h)
Year 11: GCSE Hospitality and Catering Spec A - Unit 1 (on screen) (AM 1h 45m)
Year 7: Parents Evening
Wednesday 19Year 10 Mock Exam: Statistics Paper 1 10C
Year 10 Mock Exam: PE Paper 2 10A
Year 10 Mock Exam: Drama 10A
Year 10 Mock Exam: Catering 10A
Year 10 Mock Exam: Combined Science Biology Paper 1 (am)
Year 10 Mock Exam: Biology Paper 1
Year 7: Gosport and Fareham Track and Field Athletics Championships Mountbatten Centre Portsmouth
Thursday 20Year 8: Design and Technology Upcycling Competition Entries DEADLINE
Year 10 Mock Exam: Maths Paper 1 (non-calculator)
Year 10 Mock Exam: Business Paper 1
Friday 21Year 10 Mock Exam: Chemistry Paper 1
Year 10 Mock Exam: Combined Science Chemistry Paper 1
Year 10 Mock Exam: Geography Paper 1
TBC Year 9: Stem Event



Puzzle Corner



Sports News


Year 8 Girls’ Basketball won against Portchester 32-8
Year 11 Boys’ Basketball lost against Brookfield 57-2
Year 9 Girls’ Basketball lost against Brookfield 47-4
Year 10 Boys’ Basketball lost against Bay House 57-17
Year 9 Boys’ Basketball lost against Bay House 20-16
U16 Girls’ Football lost against Wyvern 6-0
Year 10/11 Girls Basketball lost against Bridgemary 26-24
Year 8 Boys’ Basketball won against Bridgemary 24-14


FIXTURES W/C 20 November 2017


Year 8 Girls’ Basketball away to Henry Cort


Year 11 Boys’ Basketball away to Brune Park
Year 9 Girls’ Basketball away to Bridgemary


Year 10 Boys’ Basketball home to Henry Cort
Year 9 Boys’ Basketball home to Brune Park


Year 10/11 Girls’ Basketball home to Brune Park
Year 8 Boys’ Basketball home to Brune Park



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Lost Property

If items are not found on the day they are lost, please keep checking with the First Aid Room as they can often take a couple of weeks to reach us.


Monday 09 July 2018 - Friday 13 July 2018
Padded Beige hoodie uk 18-20 Ayacucho
Black Mountain Warehouse Coat size M
White NB trainers size 7.5
Black/white adidas football boots size 11
Black plimsoles size 5
Nike trainers Blue speckled size 5
White/Green Nike football boots size 7
Various keys, glasses, jewellery
White Headphones
PE kit in White bag
White Cedar Wood State Hoodie size S
Grey Hoodie “I’m so freaking cold” size S
Light Grey Next hoodie size 13 years
Green Next Sun cap 7-10 years
Various Water bottles
Grey Hype jumper size 11-12 years
PE Kit in Navy Bag (Bottoms size 20, Top size L)
Black Clarks shoes size 9G
Black Capsule trainers size 8
Black laced plimsoles size 4
1 Black Slazenger plimsole size 3
Fox Head purse with Yellow wrist band


Various keys, watches and pairs of spectacles are kept in the Medical Room when handed into lost property. When named items are handed in to the Medical Room Form Tutors are notified by e-mail or printed slips, which are sent in school registers, to ask pupils to come and collect the items.



School Trips Update

You may pay online for the majority of trips at https://www.scopay.com/camshill-hants


Year 10 GCSE Art, Craft & Design, Graphics and Photography trip to London – 22 November
Payment of £19.50 now overdue (due Friday 10 November)


Year 11 GCSE Poetry Live! Trip to Brighton Dome – January 2018
Payment of £29.00 due by Thursday 30 November


Year 10 Geography GCSE Trip to Iceland – February 2018
All payments now overdue (due Tuesday 31 October)

Iceland 2018Payment byAmountTotal
First non-refundable deposit13 February 2017£150.00£150.00
First instalment31 March 2017£150.00£300.00
Second instalment28 April 2017£110.00£410.00
Third instalment26 May 2017£110.00£520.00
Fourth instalment30 June 2017£110.00£630.00
Fifth instalment21 July 2017£110.00£740.00
Sixth instalment29 September 2017£110.00£850.00
Seventh and final instalment31 October 2017£110.00£960.00


Year 9 History Trip to the Battlefields – March 2018
Second instalment of £50.00 due by Thursday 30 November

Battlefields 2018Payment byAmountTotal
Non-refundable deposit29 September 2017£70.00£70.00
First instalment31 October 2017£50.00£120.00
Second instalment30 November 2017£50.00£170.00
Third and final instalment21 December 2017£30.00£200.00


Year 10 History GCSE Trip to Berlin – July 2018
Deposit of £150.00 due by Monday 27 November


Water Sports Trip to the Ardeche – July/August 2018
Fourth instalment of £60.00 due by Thursday 30 November

Ardeche 2018Payment byAmountTotal
First non-refundable deposit24 May 2017£100.00£100.00
Second non-refundable deposit30 June 2017£100.00£200.00
First instalment21 July 2017£60.00£260.00
Second instalment29 September 2017£60.00£320.00
Third instalment31 October 2017£60.00£380.00
Fourth instalment30 November 2017£60.00£440.00
Fifth instalment31 January 2018£55.00£495.00
Sixth instalment28 February 2018£55.00£550.00
Seventh instalment29 March 2018£55.00£605.00
Eighth and final instalment30 April 2018£55.00£660.00


MFL Trip to Barcelona – Current Year 9 – October 2018
Deposit of £100 due by Friday 17 November


Ski Trip 2019 (Years 7-9)
Second non-refundable deposit of £100.00 due by Friday 24 November

Ski Trip 2019Payment byAmountTotal
First non-refundable deposit20 October 2017£100.00£100.00
Second non-refundable deposit24 November 2017£100.00£200.00
First instalment28 February 2018£95.00£295.00
Second instalment29 March 2018£75.00£370.00
Third instalment30 April 2018£75.00£445.00
Fourth instalment25 May 2018£75.00£520.00
Fifth instalment29 June 2018£75.00£595.00
Sixth instalment28 September 2018£75.00£670.00
Seventh instalment31 October 2018£75.00£745.00
Eighth instalment30 November 2018£75.00£820.00
Ninth and final instalment14 December 2018£65.00£885.00




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The Frog Prince

Coming to Cams Hill School for Year 7 on Thursday 18 January


Fareham College Open Event


St Vincent College Open Evening




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