Weekly Message 98 – 12 February 2021


12th February 2021


Credit Averages for This Week


Year 7                  4.08

Year 8                  4.68

Year 9                  5.19

Year 10                2.98

Year 11                3.25


We have arrived at the February half-term break and what a half-term it has been.


Whilst feedback tells us that our Real Time Provision (RTP) has been very well received overall this half-term, we know that pupils, parents, carers and the teaching staff are ready for a well-deserved break.


We await with interest for information from the Government about what lies ahead; as soon as we are clear about the implications for the school and its community, we will contact parents and carers. Should there be guidance published over the half-term break, we will write to parents and carers in the first week back.


The school site will re-open to CWOSP pupils (Children of Critical Workers) on Monday 22 February 2021 to access the RTP available to all other pupils learning at home.


In the meantime, we thank the members of our school community for their flexibility, patience and kindness, we wish you all a Happy Chinese New Year and despite national restrictions, an enjoyable half-term break.



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