Weekly Message 94 – 15 January 2021


15th January 2021


Today we conclude our second week of online learning. We are so grateful to our school community – pupils, parents, carers, teachers and support staff for rising to this challenge as we continue to respond to national guidelines during lockdown.


Parents and carers have been sent a letter today regarding the adaptations that have been made to the online provision, in response to feedback from all stakeholders. Real Time Provision (RTP) comes into effect on Monday 18 January 2021 and we ask pupils, parents and carers to read the specific details about this in the letter from Mrs J Lawrence (Assistant Headteacher).


As directed by the Government the school has established its Covid-19 Lateral Flow Testing Centre and this week both staff and the pupils working on site as children of critical workers have begun a weekly testing programme. Please visit our website for further details.


As well as online learning, the pupils are meeting with their tutors and the rest of their tutor group live, twice a day. We know from the feedback we have received that pupils and tutors really value this time together to check in, share experiences, celebrate success and just to enjoy each other’s company.


The wellbeing of our pupils is of vital importance to us and we encourage pupils, parents and carers to keep in touch with us to let us know if there are issues to be resolved and to let us know when all is well.


Our continued best wishes to all our readers.


Children’s Guide to Staying Safe Online


The documents below are from The Children’s Commissioner


cco-parents-digital-safety-wellbeing-kit 2




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