Weekly Message 8 February 2019


8th February 2019

Weekly Message – Issue 20

Credit Averages For This Week:

Year 7:   6.0     Year 8:   4.6     Year 9:   4.4     Year 10:   3.2   Year 11:   2.9


You Said, We Listened …

This week we have delivered a ‘Your school, your voice’ assembly to all pupils, sharing with them the results of the pupil survey completed a couple of weeks ago as well as the ‘What we are going to do.’ We look forward to sharing these actions, and their impact, with you in the coming weeks.

You will also have seen the letter from Mrs Harrison-Jones (Headteacher) ‘Positive Behaviour for Learning Focus Fortnight – Next Steps’ detailing the school’s approach to identifying and resolving instances of low-level disruption to enable maximum progress for all pupils in lessons.


Icelandic Adventure

As we fast approach the half-term holiday, a number of our Year 11 pupils are gearing up for their trip to Iceland with the Geography Department. This trip has now run for a number of years; it offers pupils a four-day itinerary, taking in the breathtaking Icelandic scenery and landforms, to contribute to their knowledge and understanding ahead of their Geography exam in the Summer Term. We look forward to sharing the pupils’ reflections of the trip with you after half-term.


Year 11 Mocks March 2019

A letter has been sent to parents/carers of Year 11 pupils with details of the forthcoming Mock Examinations taking place in March 2019. We ask parents/carers to read this information carefully with their son/daughter and continue to encourage them to attend and participate in the variety of revision and intervention sessions that are available to them. Should there be any questions, please get in touch with Mr Townsend (Head of Year 11).


Coming up….


Rock Challenge Monday 11 February 2019

Pupils will be participating in the Rock Challenge 2019 taking place at the Guildhall in Portsmouth.

The show will start at 1830 and all competitors will be performing an 8-minute piece that investigates how Social Media affects the way young people look and act. Our aim is to encourage our pupils and other young people to embrace their own identity rather than copy the crazes and fashions of social influencers.

Rock challenge is an amazing event to take part in and the pupils have worked hard for months to prepare for it. We look forward to seeing as many supporters as possible at the show!


The Headteacher’s blog contains more informal reflections and is available here:




Key Dates

February 2019 
Monday 18Spring Half Term
Year 11: Icelandic Wonders: Departs 16 February returning 19 February 2019
Year 11: Music Technology Recording Workshop invited pupils
Tuesday 19Spring Half Term
Year 11 : GCSE Music Composition Workshop invited pupils
Wednesday 20Spring Half Term
Year 11: GCSE Art, Photography and Graphics Workshop (Mrs Farmer's and Mrs Oswald-Cutler's Group)
Year 11: GCSE Additional Physics Revision Session
Thursday 21Spring Half Term
Year 11: GCSE MfL Revision Session for Mock Speaking Exams
Friday 22Spring Half Term
Monday 25Kindness Week
Tuesday 26
Wednesday 27Acting Academy
Thursday 28Year 11: “How to revise” English and Maths workshops
Year 10: GCSE Dance Trip 'Epilogues Within Her Eyes' Newbury Corn Exchange
Year 10 & 11: GCSE Drama trip to Macbeth, Mayflower Theatre Southampton
Friday 29#hotchocfriwithHT



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