Weekly Message 55 – 10 January 2020


10th January 2020

Weekly Message – Issue 55

Credit Averages for this week

Year 7              4.83
Year 8              5.01
Year 9              3.47
Year 10            2.56
Year 11            2.47


Happy New Year!

Welcome back to all our readers; as we conclude our first week back the sun is finally shining!




This week we have taken the opportunity to remind pupils about a number of expectations regarding uniform and their movement around the school.

We remind pupils/parents/carers that the school building is open to pupils from 0820 onwards every day. Pupils who come to school earlier than this need to spend this time supervised in either the Dining Hall or in the Library.

Pupils have also been reminded that ‘hoodies’ are not permitted in school and whilst coats can be worn when moving around the school, blazers are to be worn at all times. Coats must be removed before pupils enter the classroom, the Dining and Events Hall and in the Rewards Hub. School jumpers can be purchased should pupils wish to wear a jumper under their blazer. For full details about the school uniform, please follow the link to our website https://www.camshill.com/school-life/practical-details/uniform/.



2020 … not just more of the same

Mrs Harrison-Jones has delivered an assembly to all year groups this week.

Pupils were encouraged to reflect on the last decade and to think about the next 10 years. As well as promoting our wish for pupils to be proud, be kind, be the best you can be, Mrs Harrison-Jones also spoke about our collective responsibility for the school’s environment. This included the terms ‘focus on disposing of rubbish appropriately’, ‘reduce rubbish by re-cycling, re-using and re-thinking (There is no Planet B)’ and their responsibility towards maintaining a positive learning climate.



Looking Ahead

Lots of things are going on this term, including our annual Year 7 Talent Show which takes place on 17 January 2020. Year 10 Parents/Carers are encouraged to book appointments with subject teachers for the Parents’ Evening taking place on Tuesday 14 January if they haven’t already done so.





Lost Property

The following items of lost property from last term will be disposed of if they are not collected on Monday:

  • Black Regatta size 13 raincoat
  • Grey M&S hoodie 11-12yrs
  • Hurley blue hoodie
  • Adidas blue hoodie
  • Grey Tesco hat
  • Domyos pink fleece
  • Grey raincoat
  • George green hoodie
  • Regatta raincoat size M
  • Blue war prep jumper
  • Ben Sherman hoodie
  • Black/pink raincoat
  • Best life leggings
  • Co-op bag PE kit and blue/green raincoat
  • Pink/Black Nike bag
  • JD bag black/white PE kit
  • JD bag yellow/black PE kit
  • Pink/black bag with PE kit
  • PE kit in blue drawstring bag
  • Superdrug bag with PE kit
  • Black fighter bag with trainers
  • Black Nike show bag
  • Blue Berghaus raincoat
  • Blue drawstring bag PE kit inside
  • Portsmouth shoe bag



Service Pupil Premium

The school is able to obtain funding based on the number of pupils who have a parent serving in the regular armed forces. Please see our website for information on how this funding is spent. If your child meets this criterion and you have not already informed us, please email office@camshill.com.





Acting Academy

Applications are now invited from pupils in Years 7 – 9 for Spring Term membership of Cams Hill Acting Academy. Places are limited so speedy responses are required.

Existing members only may pay online – please see application form for details or contact Mr Murton for more information via office@camshill.com.




The Headteacher’s blog contains more informal reflections and is available here:




Key Dates

January 2020
Monday 13Year 7 & 8: Big Ideas Day (Science)
Tuesday 14Governors: Resources Committee
Year 11: Visit to the Marriot Hotel (Hospitality & Catering)
Year 10: Parents Subject Evening
Wednesday 15Governors: Pastoral Committee
Year 11: Hospitality and Catering visit to Fareham College (TBC)
1800 Iceland Parents Evening
Acting Academy *Starts tonight*
Thursday 16Year 7: 'Little Red Riding Hood’ by Bumblefly Theatre [formerly Forest Forge]
Friday 17Year 7: Talent Show




The menu will become available during the week.

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