Weekly Message 47 – 25 October 2019


25th October 2019

Weekly Message – Issue 47

Credit Averages for this week:

Year 7                     10.36
Year 8                     8.18
Year 9                     8.21
Year 10                   6.66
Year 11                    3.56


What a week!

As you will be aware, we welcomed Ofsted this week for a 2-day inspection of our school. A team of 5 inspectors arrived on Tuesday morning and carried out a full Section 5 inspection finishing on Wednesday afternoon.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you as parents/carers for your incredible support over the past week. The emails and telephone calls of support in addition to the completion of the ParentView Ofsted questionnaire have been very gratefully received by us all.

Our pupils have been brilliant too and we have thanked them today in a special one off ‘Friday Words of Wisdom’ as the routine ‘Wednesday Words ..’ were side-lined owing to inspection requirements.

It is important to remind you that we always welcome feedback, not just during an inspection! Please do contact the school using office@camshill.com with any feedback or queries you may have, at any time.

There is no doubt that this half-term has been fun-packed and filled with opportunity for the entire Cams Hill School community and we look forward to what lies ahead for the rest of the term. As always, more information can be found out about the school when you visit our website and for upcoming events, please see below as well as the school calendar which is also published on our website.

Year 11 pupils begin their Mocks in earnest after the half-term break; we wish them all the very best with their revision and with the exams that lie ahead.

In the meantime, we hope that all pupils/parents and carers have an enjoyable half term break with the school re-opening to pupils on 4 November 2019.


The Headteacher’s blog contains more informal reflections and is available here:



Catching up with old friends

In addition to our Ofsted visitors, this week we welcomed two local primary school colleagues to visit the pupils who left them at the end of last year to join us in Year 7.

The excitement and surprise on seeing their ‘old’ teacher was a moment to behold demonstrating the value pupils place on their teachers and the strong, positive bond that forms. We very much look forward to further visits from our primary colleagues over the coming weeks.



Whole School Enrichment Day

On Tuesday we held our first Enrichment Day of the year.

For those of you new to the school, these days offer pupils the opportunity to explore wider life skills. This week the themes ranged from ‘personal finance’to ‘kindness’  ‘adolescence’ and ‘wellbeing’.  The enrichment programme supports pupils to be well rounded young men and women in the school community and beyond.




We have high expectations of all our pupils when it comes to their personal appearance and it is the case that the vast majority are very smartly dressed and wear their uniform with pride. It is thanks to the support of our parents and carers that standards remain high and this is something regularly commented on by our visitors.

We would like to remind our pupils and their families of the school’s dress code and what is and is not allowed. If you are in any doubt, please do not hesitate to contact the School and we will be happy to assist. Click here for full details.

Jewellery, makeup and hair styles also form part of our dress code. Pupils are permitted to wear one pair of small gold or silver stud earrings and a watch. Other jewellery, including nose rings and other body piercings are not permitted and pupils will be asked to remove them. Subtle makeup from Year 9, and natural hair styles are permitted but extreme styles and unnatural colours are not.

Where a pupil’s appearance does not meet the expected standard, the school reserves the right to apply sanctions in line with our Good Behaviour policy. Where appropriate, a pupil who is not wearing the correct uniform will be asked to wear a replacement item provided by the school until the end of that day with the expectation that the matter will be resolved the next day.

We thank parents/carers for their continued support.



Lost Property

Below is a list of items current held in Lost Property. Please note that any unclaimed lost property will be disposed of after half term.

  • Umbro football shoes in a pink rucksack
  • JD bag with PE kit inside
  • Pink sdny hoodie
  • Blue rucksack with adidas boots and PE kit
  • Topshop green coat size 10
  • Musto black waterproof coat
  • Blue H&M male jacket
  • Nike black gym trousers
  • Endura jacket adult
  • The future is vegan green lunch box
  • Green YD coat
  • Rugby kit in blue rucksack.
  • Hype green coat
  • Green rebel Primark coat
  • Adidas Pink/blue football boots
  • Black trespass raincoat
  • Clear lunch box
  • Red football boots in Sainsbury’s bag
  • Dare2B waterproof coat
  • Blue lunch box



Lost Property


On Enrichment Day, the theme for Year 7 was ‘Kindness’. There were a variety of workshops/lessons running where pupils were able to debate the use and effects of plastics, dramatise kindness quotations, design kindness icons, decorate stones of kindness, look at the school’s outside environment, take part in some gardening, meet a marine biologist, work with environmental campaigners, complete a workshop with LUSH and some pupils had the opportunity to work with Luke Storkey, a graffiti artist.

It was an exciting day and we now have a brand-new piece of ‘Kindness’ graffiti in the school. Eliza won our graffiti competition with this amazing design with the runners up Briony, Lennon, William and Ruby all getting the chance to bring the design to life working with Luke learning new skills.



Key Dates

November 2019
Monday 4Return from Autumn half-term holiday
Year 11: Mocks
Year 9: Mathematics In-Class Assessments
Tuesday 5Year 11: Mocks
Year 9: Mathematics In-Class Assessments
Wednesday 6Year 11: Mocks
Year 9: Mathematics In-Class Assessments
Parent/Headteacher Clinic
Acting Academy
Thursday 7Year 11: Mocks
Year 9: Mathematics In-Class Assessments
Friday 8Year 11: Mocks
Year 9: Mathematics In-Class Assessments
Remembrance Day. Break: 11.00am: 2 mins silence





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