Weekly Message 40 – 06 September 2019


6th September 2019

Weekly Message – Issue 40

The weekly message serves to offer its readers a reflection on the week past, a vehicle to celebrate pupil success, contribution and achievement and to highlight forthcoming events and activities. We ask parents and carers to also refer to the school’s website and calendar to keep up to date with more specific details about the year ahead. https://www.camshill.com/information/calendar/

Whilst the school has been closed to pupils over the Summer break it has remained a hive of activity. Many areas of the school have been significantly refurbished and improved; pupils have returned to brand new Senior toilets, two new Geography classrooms, carpeted and freshly painted corridors, a Year 7 Digital Detox Zone and extended dining options. We are very grateful to the site team who have worked tirelessly over the six-week break making the school a welcoming and purposeful environment for all.

Pupils have arrived prepared for the year ahead with many meeting new teachers and experiencing some subjects for the first time. Year group assemblies will begin next week and we encourage pupils to look out for and sign up to what is on offer as part of our co-curricular provision.

Year 7 pupils have spent time with their tutors familiarising themselves with their new school routine, getting to know each other and making new friends. With the help of their buddies they are successfully navigating themselves around school and enjoying the level of independence the secondary school environment offers.

Year 7 pupils are starting their lunchtime a little earlier than the rest of the school and many have embraced the opportunity to use their re-usable Cams Hill Eco-lunch Box. These can be purchased by all pupils for £2.50, through the school, as part of the school’s endeavour to reduce the use of single-use plastic and plastic waste. All pupils in the school have the option of purchasing a meal in the Dining Hall and ‘take-away’ food from the servery, based in the Dining Hall, as well as the servery that opens onto the playground. We remind parents and carers that we are cashless and ask that pupils have money in their TUCASI accounts in order to purchase food and drink in school.

In tutor time, pupils have reminded themselves of the school’s fundamental principles of Ready, Respectful, Safe. Our pupils have already demonstrated their understanding of these expectations as they make their way around the school, considerate of others and with a positive attitude to learning in the classrooms with their teachers. We wish our pupils to be kind, be proud and aim high.

Should you have any queries that they wish to raise with the school over the coming weeks and year, please contact your child’s tutor if the query is of a general nature or the relevant teacher if the query is specifically related to a subject/lesson. Contact details can be found on the school’s website https://www.camshill.com.

The start of a new school year is always an exciting time and there has been a real buzz about the place this week; we very much look forward to working with pupils, parents and carers throughout the year that lies ahead.

The Headteacher’s blog contains more informal reflections and is available here:



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