Weekly Message 33 – 07 June 2019


7th June 2019

Weekly Message – Issue 33

Credit Averages For This Week

Year 7: 7      Year 8: 7        Year 9: 3     Year 10:2


Farewell to Mrs Francis

This week we say a fond farewell to Mrs Francis, our Catering Manager who has been with us here at Cams Hill School for 18 years.  She will be missed very much by staff and pupils alike and we thank her for her dedication, hard work and good humour and wish her well in her retirement.


Kindness at Cams Hill

This week during Kindness Week we have been promoting ‘Pay it Forward’.  Pupils and staff have been buying a flower for 50p to give to another member of the school community accompanied by a message written on a card designed by Erin MacGregor in Year 7.

The money raised will be divided between the house charities with more initiatives like this to take place in the future for pupils and staff to say thank you.


Milk Bottle Lids

Please don’t forget to keep saving your milk bottle tops for the house competition that we are running in partnership with LUSH.  Some of the house boxes are looking full and so another weigh-in will take place soon.

Don’t forget, the recycling centre will also accept coffee jar lids and laundry detergent lids and as the centre develops, more lids should be accepted.


Save Up Your Crisp Packets

The Kindness Ambassadors are now working with the Eco Warriors at school and there will be a drive to collect and recycle crisp packets.  Boxes will be out and about around the school in the next couple of weeks.  The more we can recycle the kinder are to the planet 😊.  Watch this space!


Want to Join the Kindness Ambassadors/Eco Warriors Group?

The group is ever expanding, which is brilliant, and we would like to remind pupils who wish to join that meetings are every Friday in H7 (or H5 during exams) at lunchtime.  Everyone is welcome and we love hearing all the ideas that the pupils want to try and make happen to make the community an even better place.


Coming Up

Tuesday 11 June 2019 – Year 10: Duke of Edinburgh Orienteering Trip to Brockenhurst


The Headteacher’s blog contains more informal reflections and is available here:


Key Dates

June 2019
Saturday 8Year 11: GCSE Geography Revision (Paper 3 Mr Blackman)
Monday 10Year 7:Hampshire School Athletic Association Track Knockout Round 2, Lord Wandsworth School, Hook
Year 8 & 9: Design and Technology Upcycling Competition
Tuesday 11Year 11: GCSE Mathematics Paper 3 (calculator): Foundation and Higher Paper (AM 1h 30m)
Year 10: Duke of Edinburgh Orienteering Trip to Brockenhurst
Year 9: 'Cook Off' D&T Creative Cook Competition
Wednesday 12Year 11: GCSE Chemistry Paper 2 (AM 1h 45m)
Year 11: GCSE Combined Science: Trilogy - Chemistry Paper 2 (AM 1h 15m)
Year 11: GCSE German Paper 1 (PM 35m/45m)
Year 11: GCSE German Paper 3 (PM 45m/1h)
TBC Year 8: Athletics - Mountbatten Centre
YEAR 8: Gosport & Fareham Track & Field Athletics Championships. Mountbatten Centre Portsmouth
Thursday 13Year 11: GCSE Geography Paper 3 (AM 1h 15m)
Friday 14Year 11: GCSE Combined Science: Trilogy - Physics Paper 2 (AM 1h 15m)
Year 11: GCSE Physics Paper 2 (AM 1h 45m)
Year 11: GCSE Certificate in Further Mathematics (non-calculator) (PM 1h 30m)

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