Weekly Message 30 – 10 May 2019


10th May 2019

Weekly Message – Issue 30

Credit Averages For This Week

Year 7: 3.0      Year 8: 4.5        Year 9: 2.9      Year 10: 1.5    Year 11: 0.3


Year 11 Assembly

Today saw the last Year 11 Assembly as the exam season starts in earnest next week.  With its motivational ‘Superhero’ theme, pupils and tutors were able to celebrate the last five years together and share fond memories.  Photographs taking them back to Year 7 were particularly well received!

With a goody bag ‘survival kit’, postcard messages from teachers and parent pledges, a few tears were shed.  It is the case that the pupils’ time here flies by but with every pupil leaving their mark.  We wish all our Year 11 pupils the very best over the next few weeks and every success for the future.

Year 11 Yearbook

Led by Mrs Oswald-Cutler, a team of pupils have produced the most fantastic Yearbook for pupils to purchase.  The yearbook captures and brings together a lovely collection of memories, reflections and experiences to look at over the years to come.

Pupils wishing to buy the Yearbook will need to make the payment of £16 either by cash/cheque or via the Tucasi online payment system by 17 May 2019.

Thank you!


On Thursday 9 May, 20 Year 10 pupils went to the Mountbatten Centre to represent Cams Hill School in the Fareham and Gosport Schools Athletics competition.  Our pupils did us proud with some exceptional performances in both sprinting and jumping.  All pupils who finished in the top two places for each event will be given the opportunity to represent Fareham and Gosport District at the Hampshire Championships on 8 June 2019.


The Headteacher’s blog contains more informal reflections and is available here:


Key Dates

May 2019 
Monday 13Year 11: GCSE Computer Science Paper 1: Principles of Computer Science (am 1h 40m)
Year 11: GCSE Religious Studies A Paper (pm 1h 45m)
Tuesday 14Year 11: GCSE French Paper 1 (am 35m/45m)
Year 11: GCSE French Paper 3 (am 45m/1h)
Year 11: GCSE Biology Paper 1 (PM 1h 45m)
Year 11: GCSE Combined Science Trilogy-Biology Paper 1 (PM 1h 15m)
Wednesday 15Year 11: GCSE Physical Education Paper 1 (AM 1h 15m)
Year 11: GCSE English Literature Paper 1 (PM 1h 45m)
Thursday 16Year 11: GCSE Chemistry Paper 1 (AM 1h 45m)
Year 11: GCSE Combined Science Trilogy - Chemistry Paper 1 (AM 1h 15m)
Year 11: GCSE Computer Science Paper 2: Application of Computational Thinking (PM 2h)
Friday 17Year 11: GCSE French Paper 4 (AM 1h 15m)
Year 11: GCSE Drama Performance and Response (PM 1h 30m)
Year 11: GCSE Physical Education Paper 2 (PM 1h 15m)

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