Weekly Message 232 – 5 July 2024


5th July 2024


Pupils’ General Election

Sports Day



On Wednesday, pupils and staff took part in our annual Sports Day. The day consists of track and field events, 5 a side football, tug of war, end ball and a whole lot of singing and cheering from participants. The atmosphere was brilliant, and the pupils were fantastic!


The weather was not as kind to us as in previous years and yet all pupils got involved to make it a wonderful day. Cams Hill are so lucky that previous pupils and current Year 11s are willing to come back and help run the day, along with staff who are just fantastic at helping and getting involved. Without them all this day could not take place.


The results are still being calculated. These will be added to the overall House point totals to reveal the winning House and who will be able to take part in the Rewards Day. Results will be circulated via tutor groups in a video played to all pupils and staff at the same time on Monday 15 July. Well done everyone and a huge thank you to all involved



Pupils’ General Election




Yesterday, our electorate turned out in their droves (all 875 of them) to exercise their democratic right and cast a vote for their political party of choice after having manifestos presented throughout the previous week. We were really impressed by their articulation and discussions with their peers surrounding this vote and with how they conducted themselves in the polling station. They should be very proud of themselves.


When looking through the lens of the ‘popular vote’, Cams Hill Pupils voted for Labour to take the win by 1 vote, closely followed by the Green Party and then the Liberal Democrats.


If we are to follow the First Past the Post system that prevails in Britain then our Year Group constituencies would have voted with 2 seats to Labour, 1 to the Green Party and 1 to the Liberal Democrats.




Parent Tours


A reminder that you are invited to visit the school to see how we operate on a usual working day.  Tours will take place on Monday and Wednesday mornings with two time slots available (09.10 – 09.50 and 10.10 – 10.50). If you would like to book a tour, please contact us on 01329 231641.


We Will Rock You Auditions



Year 10 Taster Day at Fareham College


On Tuesday our Year 10 cohort visited Portsmouth College to take part in a Taster Day.  Pupils chose to attend sessions from a variety of pathways including A-levels, T-Levels, and vocational options in a variety of subjects.  We hope this experience gave them a great insight into post-16 options and allowed them to experience subjects which they are considering studying in the future.



Art Department at Fareham College



On Monday, Year 10 Art, Graphics and Photography pupils attended Fareham College where they completed a series of creative workshops.


Our pupils engaged in a range of Photoshop skills, made their own fabric inspired by Matisse using sublimation heat transfer, and created collaborative wall hangings inspired by the art of Ei Arakawa which will be displayed in the college reception area.


Pupils were engaged throughout the day and represented the school fantastically; well done Year 10.




Redlands Primary Network



On Monday pupils from Redlands Primary School joined us at Cams Hill to rehearse with our Soul Band. Soul Band members lead the workshop helping the young musicians from Redlands learn ‘Treasure’ by Bruno Mars.


On Thursday we took Soul Band to Redlands to perform with their pupils to their school community. Soul Band then performed a few of their soul classics to an enthusiastic audience. This was well received by both pupils and staff. We thank the young musicians from Redlands for their work in practising for this and our band members for leading in this workshop.



Mark Kellett Visit




On Thursday, Year 9 pupils who have opted for GCSE Art or Graphic Design were treated to a visit from the local Portsmouth Street artist and Havant College lecturer Mark Kellett. He took them through his creative journey, and they learned the challenges that he faced on the way.


During their hour-long workshop, they explored colour, pattern, and design to create ideas for a future Cams Hill mural. Stay tuned for further updates in the new academic year and in the meantime please do take a look at Mark’s website and social media pages @markkellettart



Sports Results


Years 7 and 8 Netball


Year 7 netball against Bay House – pupils played an excellent game and won 20-13 placing the team 2nd overall in the competition.


Year 8 were placed 2nd overall in the competition. Their last game was against Brookfield. The score was 27-17 to Brookfield but the Cams Hill School girls played a fantastic game.


Throughout the competition both years played amazingly well.



Year 7 Basketball



Year 7 were placed 1st overall. They won all nine of their games and played brilliantly throughout the competition. Their last game was against Bay House which they won 18-15.




Week 3 Menu 2024 Summer


Next week’s features:


  • BBQ Friday
  • Chef’s Pod loaded fries


Whole School Letters Published This Half Term


Below is a list of letters emailed to all parents/carers this half term together with the date and time they were sent.  If you are unable to find any of the communications, please email office@camshill.com and we can send you a further copy.


Detection Dog Visit – 1/7/24 1601

Sports Day – 21/6/24 1503

Summer Concert – 21/6/24 1101

Communication with Parents and Carers – 14/6/24 0925

Punctuality to School – 12/6/24 1703

Informing the School of a Pupil Absence – 12/6/24 1201

House and Rewards Celebration Day – 6/6/24 1009

Uniform Expectations – 24/5/24 1601

A27 Cams Hill Improvement Scheme – 10/5/24 1702




House Points Averages per Pupil for This Week


Year 7         3.80 points

Year 8         2.49 points

Year 9         5.09 points

Year 10       3.87 points




Dates Total attendance
This week 92.4%
Same week last year 91.8%


MathsWatch and Educake


These are two online resources that we expect pupils to be accessing routinely with homework set by teachers and independently to support their progress in Maths, Science and other subjects. We ask parents to check in with their child to see whether they are accessing these resources routinely and to encourage best use of them.



Average number of questions answered per pupil this week 

Year 7        8.9 questions

Year 8        9.9 questions

Year 9         3.9 questions

Year 10       2.5 questions


Highest number of questions answered by one pupil this week 

Year 7          49 questions

Year 8          59 questions

Year 9           146 questions

Year 10         32 questions


Not all Maths homework is set on MathsWatch, which is likely to affect the averages.  

Educake – Science


Average number of questions answered per pupil this week

Year 7        3.99 questions

Year 8        4.78 questions

Year 9         7.23 questions

Year 10       8.44 questions


Highest number of questions answered by one pupil this week

Year 7              523 questions

Year 8              239 questions

Year 9              258 questions

Year 10            346 questions






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