Weekly Message 228 – 7 June 2024


7th June 2024

Year 7 Trip to Mary Rose


We welcome back our school community following the half term break. The second half of the Summer Term is always a busy one as we move towards the end of another academic year. Year 11 have almost concluded their external exams and continue to impress us with their focus and resilience.


We look forward to welcoming our new Year 7 pupils, Class of 2029, into school in a couple of weeks for their transition day – a letter will be sent to parents/carers with the specific details very soon. We remind parents and carers of new Year 7 pupils that the transition24@camshill.com inbox is available should there be any questions that have not been answered to date.


Year 10 Exams and In-Class Assessments are also underway started this week. These assessments give pupils the experience of sitting a formal exam and the marking and feedback will inform classroom teaching and revision ahead of the final exams next year. The full details and timetable have been sent to parents/carers.


The calendar for next year is being finalised but we can advise parents/carers that Monday 2 September 2024 and 3 September 2024 will be INSET Days with the school closed to pupils on both days. The dates of the other INSET Days will be available when the full calendar is published.


Year 9 – Upper School Ties


Ties for upper school are now available to purchase on Scopay at a cost of £4.00.  If you do not have a Scopay account, the Finance Department can take payment by card over the phone.


Please note that upper school ties can only be purchased from school they are not available from Skoolkit.


Year 7 Trip to Mary Rose




Year 7 pupils had the opportunity to visit the Mary Rose Museum this week and experience local history to complement their curriculum studies of the Tudors. Pupils were able to explore the museum studying the artefacts found on the Mary Rose and walk the top deck to experience the conservation conditions that the ship now sits within. As part of this trip pupils engaged in workshops on either surgery on board a Tudor ship or a debate on the question, “What sunk the Mary Rose?”



UK Biology Competition




Year 10 pupils in 10X1 and 10Y1 Science classes recently took part in the UK Biology Competition, which involved them answering questions about the taught curriculum and beyond.


There were 45,400 entries to the competition across the UK; the top 5% nationally were awarded a gold certificate answering over 84% of the questions correct, a silver certificate was awarded for a score of 80% plus questions correct and 10% of pupils nationally achieved this.


Well done to all those in Year 10 who took part – some phenomenal results. A particular well done to the Year 10 pupils pictured below who achieved the “gold standard” in this competition.



Fundraising – Toby Abseils the Spinnaker Tower



Toby abseiled the Spinnaker tower during the half term.  He has managed to raise around £1,000 since Year 7 for our school charities and would like to raise even more.  If you would like to support this, please click on the link below.





Pride Month



Beewell Survey


In September 2023, our school took part in the BeeWell survey.  This survey is a programme in Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Portsmouth, and Southampton that aims to make the wellbeing of young people a priority.


The BeeWell survey will help to embed long-term improvements in wellbeing, helping schools to find the right way to support young people. Cams Hill School did particularly well in Health and Routines, meaning our young people are active, good at self-care and are aware of the importance of keeping fit and healthy. This has also had a positive impact on their mental health and wellbeing.


We are incredibly pleased and proud that most pupils feel happy in school and importantly are aware of who they can seek support from when they need it.


See the BeeWell website for more information.



Staff Cook Club




Our final staff cook club of the year! The challenge for this session was a chocolate ganache or white chocolate and raspberry tart. Staff also tried their hand at making chocolate run outs and tuile biscuits for the final decorative flourish.



Sports Results


The week before half term we had two Year 7 netball games, one against Henry Cort and the other against Brookfield. Despite losing, both games were excellent.


We did not have any after school games this week.


Careers Spotlight – Virtual Work Experience for Years 10 and 11


This week we would like to talk about the National Careers Service website Careers advice – job profiles, information and resources | National Careers Service


This website has a wealth of information and support for pupils to access when looking for guidance on their next steps and future careers.  There is the option to do a Skills assessment which is less than 50 multiple choice questions and takes around 15 minutes to complete, when finished you are given suggestions on different careers based on your answers.  Our careers co-ordinator and career practitioner have used this assessment during some 1:1 appointments and it has highlighted career pathways pupils had not necessarily considered before. The website also allows you to explore careers in a variety of sectors and has a section dedicated to making career choices.




Week 2 Menu 2024 Summer BBQ FRIDAY


Next week we will be featuring:

  • Super popular loaded fries on the Chef’s Pod
  • Friday will be another BBQ FRIDAY!

It will be the same procedure/menu as the last BBQ. Tickets will be available at the till at lunch time and there will be limited ‘grab and go’ items in the canteen.


Undress AI – Guidance for Parents and Carers


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is on the increase in our digital worlds and that of our young people. AI, like many other technologies has its positive and negatives uses, the following information has been provided by internetmatters.org and shared by Alan Mackenzie – e-safety adviser


What is Undress AI?


It’s a sad world where some individuals develop tech to make money yet give no thought to what this tech can be used for. Enter undress AI, which is exactly what it says – upload an image of a clothed person, let the AI undress them. It isn’t a specific app, there are many freely available apps and websites which allow the removal of clothing. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand what these tools are being used for.


You can find out more HERE.





House Points Averages per Pupil for This Week


Year 7                          6.11 points

Year 8                          4.35 points

Year 9                          3.42 points

Year 10                        3.91 points




Dates Total attendance
This week 93.8%
Same week last year 92.6%


MathsWatch and Educake


These are two online resources that we expect pupils to be accessing routinely with homework set by teachers and independently to support their progress in Maths, Science and other subjects. We ask parents to check in with their child to see whether they are accessing these resources routinely and to encourage best use of them.



Average number of questions answered per pupil this week (including half term)

Year 7             5.4 questions

Year 8             5.5 questions

Year 9             10.0 questions

Year 10           23.1 questions

Year 11            12.0 questions


Highest number of questions answered by one pupil this week (including half term)

Year 7                41 questions

Year 8                75 questions

Year 9                135 questions

Year 10              217 questions

Year 11               180 questions


Not all Maths homework is set on MathsWatch, which is likely to affect the averages.  


Highest number of marks achieved by one pupil this week on Maths Kitchen

Year 8           72 marks

Year 10         36 marks

Year 11         330 marks


Upcoming Maths Assessments


Year 7 w/b 24 June 2024 (non-calculator)
Year 8 w/b 24 June (calculator)
Year 9 w/b 10 June 2024
Year 10 2/b 17 June 2024
Year 11 Monday 10 June 2024 – GCSE Paper 3 (calculator)

Educake – Science


Average number of questions answered per pupil this week

Year 7                 8.55 questions

Year 8                 18.73 questions

Year 9                 5.86 questions

Year 10               45.97 questions

Year 11                24.53 questions


Highest number of questions answered by one pupil this week

Year 7                     304 questions

Year 8                     240 questions

Year 9                     204 questions

Year 10                   799 questions

Year 11                    982 questions





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