Weekly Message 28 September 2018


28th September 2018

Weekly Message – Issue 4

Above and beyond

At Cams Hill School we recognise the positive contribution so many of our pupils make to the school community and we also recognise that so many of our pupils make a significant contribution in the wider community, often going above and beyond. Last weekend one of our pupils went above and beyond to ‘Brave the shave’. We would very much like to acknowledge Chloe Thomas (Year 10) and her tremendous bravery and very kind act to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support in memory of a family member. Chloe is an absolute credit to her family and to Year 10 and the Cams Hill Community are very proud of her. Well done Chloe.



When you visit the school you will see our random acts of kindness display in our Main Reception which shares the wonderful ways our pupils have been kind to others. Our crew of ‘Kindness Ambassadors’ have been given the job of distributing kind thoughts to members of staff, delivering postcards written by other members of staff. This will eventually be rolled out to the whole school.

Our kindness agenda is spearheaded by Mrs Jones (RS Teacher) and so far this term, during tutor time, pupils have learned and talked about the ‘Science of Kindness’ and ‘Animal Kindness – can we learn a thing or two from the animal kingdom?’ We are always keen to hear about pupils acts of kindness, so please do get in touch and spread the word!


Debate, discussion and dialogue in the classroom

We place great value on developing pupils’ speaking and listening skills to enhance their learning experience and to prepare them for the years to come. On Tuesday afternoon, teachers and teaching assistants took part in training delivered by ‘The Noisy Classroom’ taking away a variety of practical exercises and approaches to use in the classroom to build different important oracy skills such as confidence, listening and analysis.


A few other highlights from this week:

Shakespeare’s Globe, London welcomes visitors from all over the world and this week welcomed our Year 11 pupils as part of a combined English and History Department enrichment trip. As well as a tour to provide pupils with a first-hand experience to help our GCSE History pupils to complete an environment study on the theatre, pupils took part in two workshops focused on characterisation and key themes of Shakespeare’s plays to complement their GCSE studies of Macbeth in English.

Frantic Assembly are an award winning British company who produce exciting new pieces of work and tour globally and on Friday they visited our school to delivered a workshop to our Year 10 GXSE Drama pupils. Pupils explored professional techniques to devise, develop and rehearse theatre using different stimuli including script work which will feed directly into their GCSE work.


Year 7 Settling-In Evening – Tuesday 9 October 2018

Please remember to book for the evening via https://camshillschool.parentseveningsystem.co.uk/ An email was sent to all Year 7 parents/carers on Thursday 27 September 2018 for full details on how to book.



The Headteacher’s blog contains more informal reflections and is available here:


Key Dates

February 2019 
Monday 18Spring Half Term
Year 11: Icelandic Wonders: Departs 16 February returning 19 February 2019
Year 11: Music Technology Recording Workshop invited pupils
Tuesday 19Spring Half Term
Year 11 : GCSE Music Composition Workshop invited pupils
Wednesday 20Spring Half Term
Year 11: GCSE Art, Photography and Graphics Workshop (Mrs Farmer's and Mrs Oswald-Cutler's Group)
Year 11: GCSE Additional Physics Revision Session
Thursday 21Spring Half Term
Year 11: GCSE MfL Revision Session for Mock Speaking Exams
Friday 22Spring Half Term
Monday 25Kindness Week
Tuesday 26
Wednesday 27Acting Academy
Thursday 28Year 11: “How to revise” English and Maths workshops
Year 10: GCSE Dance Trip 'Epilogues Within Her Eyes' Newbury Corn Exchange
Year 10 & 11: GCSE Drama trip to Macbeth, Mayflower Theatre Southampton
Friday 29#hotchocfriwithHT


Results of PE Fixtures

Years 7/8 Girls’ Football won against Kings 4-3 in the Hampshire Cup
Year 8 Girls’ Netball drew with Fareham Academy 7-7
Year 9 Girls’ Netball won against Fareham Academy 27-5
Years 10/11 Girls’ Netball won against Fareham Academy 27-10
Year 8 Boys’ Rugby won against Brune Park 45-10


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