Weekly Message 207 – 1 December 2023


1st December 2023

House Points Averages per Pupil for This Week

Year 7              3.90 points

Year 8              2.72 points

Year 9              3.55 points

Year 10            2.33 points

Year 11            2.15 points




Dates Total attendance
This week 91.8%
Same week last year 87.3%


On Tuesday we welcomed back pupils from Class of 2023 to collect their GSCE Certificates. If you were unable to collect your certificate, please do get in touch to make alternative arrangements. It is always a pleasure to catch up and hear all about their post-16 studies; what they are enjoying and what they are adapting to, as they study new subjects and subjects to a higher level. In the short amount of time from June to November, they change so much! We wish them all the very best for the future.


There are just two weeks to go until the end of the Autumn Term and the Christmas break. Pupils are rehearsing in earnest for the Christmas Concert which is always a special and popular event. Thank you to those who have purchased tickets (which have now sold out) and we look forward to seeing you on 7 December 2023.


Please can parents/carers make sure that their children have warm coats to wear to and from school, during morning roll on the courts and at breaktime and lunchtime when pupils, unless they are using the Dining Hall, are outside.


We remind parents/carers that the school closes to pupils at 1230 on 15 December 2023 for the Christmas break and re-opens on Tuesday 2 January 2024 with pupils arriving at their usual staggered times.


Year 11 Subject Parents’ Evening – booking system still open


The Year 11 Subject Parents’ Evening takes place on Tuesday 5 December 2023. This is a face-to-face evening at the school offering parents/carers a 5-minute appointment with each of their child’s subject teachers. Parents/Carers have been sent specific details on how to use the online booking system to make their appointments. If you haven’t yet done so, the booking system is still open.


Pupils will be in receipt of their Assessment Tracker to inform the conversations about what pupils can do to best prepare themselves between now and the final exam.


Year 9 Aviation Careers Fair




A group of Year 9 pupils attended an Aviation Careers Fair at Fareham Innovation Centre on Thursday.  Hosted by NATS, the event provided pupils with the opportunity to speak with industry experts including British Airways, Gulfstream, NATS, the RAF, UK Civil Aviation Authority, Flylogix and many more.


They listened to an inspiring presentation by a young pilot who flew his first solo flight at 14 years old! He talked about his own experiences and what routes can be taken to become a commercial airline pilot.  The pupils then had the chance to go airside and sit inside light aircraft whilst talking to pilots.  This trip was such a positive experience, and they all found it really inspiring.


College and Apprenticeship Lunchtime Drop-Ins


Please see our updated poster for college and apprenticeship drop-ins.  Some providers have had to change their date of attendance.  Pupils will be sent a reminder each week of who is attending.  These drop-ins are open to every year group and we encourage them to pop along and say hi; it is a great opportunity to find out about next steps after Year 11.


Drop ins poster updated Dec 23 (3)



Sisters of Bethany



On Thursday, Sisters of Bethany from Southsea visited to speak with some Year 8, 10, and 11 pupils.  This is Sister Joanna Elizabeth speaking to our pupils, joined by Ian (an Oblate who will hopefully be the first Brother of Bethany) and Linda, an aspirant nun. In Year 11, as part of their GCSE course, pupils study Christian practices, examining how Christians show their beliefs through worship and every day actions. Pupils had the chance to ask the Sisters about their lives and practice of their faith, as well as wider ethical matters. Thank you to our visitors for taking the time to offer our pupils this insight.


Christmas Appeals


We are getting our kindness hats on in time for Christmas and wanted to help improve life for people in our local community. We are asking parents, pupils, and staff to donate anything they can to one of our three Christmas appeals. Donations can be brought into school and are being collected in reception.


The first is for Sophie’s Legacy who are collecting for children in hospital


The second is for Mission Christmas who provide gifts to over 700 families in Fareham who cannot afford a present. They are seeking presents especially for babies and teenagers.


And the third is for food bank donations, so if anyone can spare a tin, some pasta or cupboard goods we would appreciate this.


Menu w/c 4 December 2023


Below is a link to our menu for next week.


Week 1 Menu 2023



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