Weekly Message 186 – 12 May 2023


12th May 2023

House Points Averages for This Week

Year 7                    3.66 points

Year 8                    5.65 points

Year 9                    3.73 points

Year 10                 4.13 points

Year 11                 1.20 points


Thank you to parents and carers who were able to join us on Tuesday 9 May 2023 for the Year 8 Subject Parents’ Evening. We are also grateful for the time invested in completing the questionnaire; the feedback we receive from parents and carers is important to us and helps us to shape the school’s development plan.


Today we held our annual ‘Leavers’ Assembly’ for Year 11, Class of 2023. We cannot believe how the time has flown, with it only feels like yesterday we welcomed the cohort into Year 7. The assembly offers the year group time to reflect with their tutors, Head of Year and Assistant Head of Year on their time at Cams Hill School and how they have prepared themselves, with the support of those around them, for life beyond school.  Pupils have been encouraged to ‘Work Hard’, ‘Aim High’ and ‘Be Kind’. Good luck Year 11 as you make your way through your last few weeks at secondary school.



Year 7 Trip to the Mary Rose




This week, pupils in Year 7 had the opportunity to explore local history through the wonder of the Mary Rose. They explored the museum, including the new 4D Dive Experience, entered the world of Tudor surgery, and began to solve the mystery of “What sank the Mary Rose?”. We are grateful to all involved especially to those who volunteered their time to support the school with the trip.



Hampshire Volleyball Champions



After a thrilling finals afternoon, Cams Hill deservedly claimed the top spot in the Hampshire Boys’ Years 9 & 10 Volleyball Championships 🏆


Vs Priestlands 21:17

Vs Bishop Challoner 21:18

Vs Calthorphe Park 21:18

Vs Portchester 21:20

Vs Brighton Hill 21:14


A special mention goes to O Carter in the game against Portchester. Cams Hill were 20:16 down and he took on a storming run of serves to ramp up the pressure on the opponents, taking us through to the win.


Congratulations to all who took part.



Multi-Faith Panel


Year 7 pupils had the opportunity to be involved in a multi-faith panel discussion this week. They posed questions to members from Jewish, Christian, Humanist, Hindu and Spiritual communities.


Pupils were able to gain insight into what they believed about God, life after death, miracles, and religious experience. It was fantastic to see the pupils ask some challenging philosophical questions and the multi-faith representatives commented on how lovely and polite they all were. We thank our visitors very much for coming into school to work with our pupils and enrich their understanding.



UKMT National Maths Challenge – answers to last week’s questions


  1. How many of the following five options are factors of 30?


  1. 1           b)  2         c) 3        d)  4         e)  5


Answer: option d) Four numbers – 1, 2, 3 and 5 – are factors of 30 so the answer to the question is 4.


  1. In a football match, Rangers beat Rovers 5 -4. The only time Rangers were ahead, was after they scored the final goal. How many possible half-time scores are there?


  1. 9        b)   10       c)   15     d)    16      e)   25


Answer: option d) If Rangers did not score in the first half, then there were five possible half-time scores from 0 – 0 to 0 – 4. However, if Rangers scored one goal in the first half, then there were four possible half-time scores from 1 – 1 to 1 – 4.


Similar reasoning shows that there are three possible half-time scores if Rangers scored two goals in the first half, two possible half-time scores if Rangers scored three goals in the first half and one possible half-time score if Rangers scored four goals in the first half.


It is also possible that all goals were scored in the first half and that the half-time score was 5 – 4. So, the possible number of half-time scores is 5 + 4 + 3 + 2 + 1 + 1 = 16.

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