Weekly Message 185 – 5 May 2023


5th May 2023

House Points Averages for This Week


Year 7                    4.17 points

Year 8                    3.49 points

Year 9                    3.61 points

Year 10                  2,35 points

Year 11                  1.13 points


The safety of our pupils is of paramount importance to us when travelling to and from school. We remind pupils, parents, and carers that a cycle helmet must be worn if pupils are traveling by bicycle and that non-compliance will be followed up with the Good Behaviour Policy. We also remind pupils to use the pedestrian crossings to safely cross the A27.


Please also be advised:


  • The staff car park (beyond the electric gates) is not accessible to visitors; we ask that parents/carers park in the visitors’ car park if coming into school, on the right as you drive in through the main gate.
  • Parking is not permitted in the lay-by/bus bay (as indicated by the double yellow lines) but can be used briefly to drop off and pick up if not occupied by a bus/coach.
  • We ask parents/carers to respect the one-way system when driving in and out of the drop off area, and not to reverse back out onto the road to avoid the queue, placing pupils at risk.
  • Pupils are reminded that they must walk onto the site using the pedestrian entrances only.


We thank you all for your support in this matter.



Year 8 Subjects Parents’ Evening – Tuesday 9 May 2023


Subject teachers look forward to meeting with the parents and carers of Year 8 pupils next week. This is an online meeting and there is still time to make appointments should you need to, this information has been sent previously to parents/carers.



Year 10 Motivational Speaker


On Friday, James Menday, a motivational speaker came to speak to Year 10 pupils on the topic of resilience. As a former serviceman, James gave a fascinating insight into his SAS career, using his training and operational experiences to highlight the importance of self-belief, commitment, and integrity when facing adversity.


James kindly opened the floor to questions from pupils and staff, and then spent some dedicated time with our Year 10 Uniform Services GCSE group. Pupils showed their appreciation at the end with a warm round of applause, and the session was the topic of countless conversations over the rest of the day.


We are grateful for the opportunity to hear from James, who gave our pupils some wonderful advice and things to think about as they negotiate their own journeys through GCSEs and life.



Hampshire Schools’ Volleyball Final




On Wednesday, Cams Hill hosted the first ever Hampshire Schools’ Volleyball Finals for Year 11 boys and Years 9 & 10 girls. Three ex Cams Hill pupils volunteered to referee the event and many of our younger pupils supported by scoring, line judging and supporting the teams. We are growing a volleyball community.


Cams Hill played Swanmore for Bronze in the Year 11 boys’ final, winning 25:17 and 25:16 in the two-set win. We say goodbye to our three Year 11 athletes in their final volleyball event for the school; they have advanced their skills over the years they have played to make themselves strong volleyball players.


Next week, Cams Hill School host the Year 9 & 10 Boys finals, with six teams competing for the gold medal.


  • Cams Hill
  • Priestlands
  • Calthorpe Park (Fleet)
  • Brighton Hill
  • Bishop Challoner
  • Portchester Community School


Good luck to all involved.



UKMT National Maths Challenge


Wednesday 26 April saw the second instalment of the UKMT National Maths Challenge at Cams Hill School. This time it was the turn of our Year 7 and Year 8 pupils.


120 pupils battled it out with pencils and brain power to solve 25 maths problems in one hour. It was one of our best years with Years 9, 10 and 11, so we are hoping Years 7 and 8 can also rise to the challenge when the results come back in a few weeks.


Some example problems are below (answers in next week’s Weekly Message)


  1. How many of the following five options are factors of 30?


a)  1        b)  2         c) 3        d)  4         e)  5



  1. In a football match, Rangers beat Rovers 5-4. The only time Rangers were ahead, was after they scored the final goal. How many possible half-time scores are there?


a)  9        b)   10       c)   15       d)    16       e)   25



Maths House Challenge




MFL House Challenge




Design a Poster for Pride Month – deadline extended to 12 May 2023


Posters should be placed in the box inside Nexus by Friday 12 May 2023



Cyber Security


The security of our devices and data cannot be under-estimated. With hacking, identity theft, impersonation, fraud and scams all on the increase it is important that everybody has an awareness of cyber security. Internet Matters have a great article with lots of advice and guidance around a range of cyber security topics for parents/carers and their children including phishing, doxxing, cryptojacking and much more, all in a non-techie easy-to-understand format.

You can find the article HERE.


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