Weekly Message 183 – 21 April 2023


21st April 2023

House Points Averages for This Week


Year 7                    5.91 points

Year 8                    4.36 points

Year 9                    4.39 points

Year 10                  3.94 points

Year 11                  1.87 points


Welcome back after a two-week spring break and here we are starting the last term of this academic year. The GCSE exams are now underway with the Photography and Art 10-hour -practical exams and MFL Speaking Tests taking place this week and next. We wish Year 11 pupils all the very best as they sit their exams and as they prepare themselves in the final few weeks.


This week, assemblies have been delivered by the Co-Heads of School focussing pupils’ attention on ambition, what it means to be ambitious, setting short term and medium-term goals, accepting and learning from failure and learning from others. We have encouraged pupils to make the most of the expertise offered by their subject teachers and the wider opportunities available to them.


We ask that parents/carers continue to support their child to be equipped for school, to be on time and to maintain regular attendance. We also remind parents and carers that their child’s Tutor, Assistant Head of Year and Head of Year are available should there be any areas of concern or matters to bring to the school’s attention. Please visit the ‘contact us’ page on our website for information on how to get in touch.



Year 9 Guided Choices

Completed forms need to be returned to school by the 26 April 2023.  Should there be any queries, please get in touch with Mr Townsend.



Geography Trip to Sicily




After blizzards and high winds prevented a couple of excursions from happening on the Geography Department’s trip to Iceland in 2022, they resolved to go somewhere different. Sicily, with temperatures in the high teens in early April as well as an abundance of exciting tectonic geography, seemed just right.


And so it was. Pupils enjoyed two and a half days of warmth and sunshine while they explored the Cyclops Coast with sea stacks made of basalt, and the Alcantara Gorge carved through prismatic lava columns. During such weather they also ascended Mt Etna, which is Europe’s highest and most active volcano, although it was fortunately having a quiet day when we were there.


On the last full day we did endure rather strong winds and stormy seas for a somewhat nauseating boat ride to the Aeolian Islands but seeing the islands of Vulcano and Lipari made up for it.


Mr Blackman wishes to commend the pupils who went on the trip. They were wonderful company and behaved exemplarily. He also wishes to thank the staff who came (Mr Atkins, Mrs Brooker, Miss Adams, Miss Haynes and Miss Deathers) as they also ensured the trip was a success; such a success, in fact, that we’ll be off there again in 2024 with the current Year 10.



Year 10  Movie Afternoon

Pupils in Year 10 enjoyed an afternoon off timetable on Friday afternoon as a reward for achieving 150 House points which is fantastic.  They should be very proud of their achievement and their hard work. We will have another movie afternoon for pupils later this half term.



House Challenge – Design a Poster for Pride Month

Our latest whole school House Challenge is to design a poster for Pride Month.  Posters should be placed in the box outside Nexus by Friday 5 May.  Any queries to Mrs Ellison.



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