Weekly Message 180 – 17 March 2023


17th March 2023

House Point Averages Per Pupil for This Week


Year 7              8.31 points

Year 8              3.74 points

Year 9              3.37 points

Year 10            2.14 points

Year 11            1.32 points


Pupils in Year 9 had an assembly this week which introduced them to the Guided Choices programme they are about to embark on as they determine their subject choices for next year. With his oversight, Mr Townsend talked to pupils about the Core Curriculum and the Extended Core Curriculum which offers pupils some choice; he also introduced the range of free choice subjects on offer.


On Tuesday 21 March, Year 9 pupils and their parents/carers are invited to attend the Guided Choices evening where there will be plenty of information about the process and the subjects available and most importantly the opportunity to ask questions. Please see the letter that has been sent to parents/carers for the specific details about the evening.



Safety on Site


A polite reminder to parents/carers that if you drop your child to school by car, please do so using the visitors’ car park/lay-by. Cars are only permitted to come through the gate into the staff car park and outside the school’s Reception by prior arrangement, eg determined as part of an individual risk assessment.


We also remind pupils that if they are coming into school early and before 0825, eg to attend Breakfast Club or a subject intervention session, they can enter the school building via Reception. Any pupil arriving to school from 0825 onwards must use the pedestrian main gate or the gate on the A27 that lead onto the North Courts where they are met by their Head of Year. Thank you all for your assistance in this matter.



Movie Afternoon for Years 7, 8 and 9


This week we have celebrated the success of our pupils by rewarding those eligible through the praise and rewards structure with a movie afternoon.


For pupils in Year 9 they will have achieved 150 House points to be eligible and pupils in Years 7 and 8, 250 House points. This is an incredible achievement, and they should be very proud of themselves. Year 10 pupils will have their movie afternoon at the beginning of next term.


Well done to all pupils for their continued success.



Art Key Stage 3 Independent Learning Homework




Yet again the Art Department have been overwhelmed and thoroughly impressed by the work produced with the Key Stage 3 independent learning homework. Year 7 were asked to recreate one of Vincent Van Gogh’s masterpieces (choosing from Starry Night or Sunflowers) in whatever materials they wished.


Year 8 were tasked with creating their own My Dog Sighs eye artworks, we hope you have had the chance to see the amazing new mural along Hilsea Lido by the artist himself.


Year 9 were challenged to create a mini-zine of their favourite artist. This could have been a sculpture, architect, illustrator, painter, etc of their choice. Their mini-zines were filled with contextual information, miniature studies and thoughts and feelings of the artwork.


Well done to all those who have handed in their homework projects and received well deserved House points.



Pi Bake Off Results




Tuesday (Pi Day) saw the Maths office yet again turned into a bakery. 35 cakes and edible treats were on display and staff members were invited to come and vote for their favourites in several categories: most mathematical, best effort, most original, best technical and overall favourite.


The standard was very high making the voting incredibly difficult. Lots of house points have been won, with Warrior winning overall with 310 points. Well done to all involved and thank you for taking the time to participate.



Geography House Challenge – Find the Country in the Sentence


The latest Geography House Challenge is “Find the Country in the Sentence.”  Responses to be with Mr Annison by 30 March 2023.




PE House Challenge


PE Challenges will take place as listed below. Please encourage your child to take part – they should sign up for the challenge with their tutor.



There are 10 House points awarded to their House for everyone who turns up regardless of where they come in the challenge.



Hampshire Teen Project – Easter


Teen Project provides additional support to families during the holiday periods, offering FREE places for 11-16-year-olds who are in receipt of benefit-related free school meals.


Each day will consist of a specialist delivering a workshop on one of the following themes: Life Skills, Team Building, Creative Design and Business Enterprise.  Examples of previous workshops have included: T-Shirt Design, Graffiti Art, Cooking and Baking, Circus Skills, Candle Making, First Aid, Self Defence, Robot Creation and DJing.


A hot lunch and healthy snacks are provided for each child in attendance.


Please click here for further information or register here to book your space today.



Social Media Checklists


Below is a useful social media checklist link from the e-safety advisor that will help you to go through the apps your child/ren may use and ensure that their privacy settings are in place.





Online Sexual Abuse


Below is a link to a guide for parent/carers around online sexual abuse.  This has been recommended by the e-safety advisor and is produced by the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF)


online sexual abuse 23 03 17


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