Weekly Message 165 – 11 November 2022


11th November 2022

Credit Averages Per Pupil for This Week

Year 7                  7.08

Year 8                  7.26

Year 9                  7.05

Year 10                4.60


The Year 11 mocks in the examinations room concluded this week with in-class assessments underway during lesson time in some subjects.


The process of marking is now well underway with outcomes informing the teaching and learning to come. Teachers will be carrying out standardising and moderating activities on the INSET Day which is taking place on 21 November 2022.


There is a little time to go but we look forward to meeting with parents/carers at the Year 11 Parents’ Subject Evening taking place on Tuesday 6 December 2022; specific details will be sent nearer the time.



Remembrance Day

Today we took time to remember all those who have lost their lives in war, by partaking in the national 2-minute silence at 1100.  A number of our pupils looked very smart attending school for the day in their Cadet, Scout and Guide uniforms, and the remembrance was accompanied by a Year 11 pupil playing the last post, in a very moving commemoration of the fallen.


Year 10 School Photographs

We remind parents and carers that Year 10 pupils will be having their school photograph taken in full school uniform during the week beginning 14 November 2022 – please refer to letter dated 1 November for specific details.


Uniformed Services Staff House Challenge


This week we saw the staff take part in the Uniformed Services Staff House Challenge with some brave members of staff including both teachers and support staff taking part in pupil-led drill.


The roles were reversed with the pupils becoming the teachers and the staff learning multiple drill movements, including coming to attention, turns and marching. It is surprising how many members of staff didn’t know their left from their right!


After lots of giggling and falling over, the staff managed to successfully compete some basic drill movements under the command of the Uniformed Services pupils. Well done and thank you to all those who participated and earned the all-important House points in the process.


Year 10 BTEC Sport Visit to Red Spider Climbing

The second half of the Year 10 BTEC Sport cohort visited Red Spider Climbing Indoor Bouldering Centre today.


Pupils demonstrated their strengths in climbing the wall and took on extra challenges. As you can see, they particularly enjoyed playing on the pirate ship and castle section! Well done to all involved!


Mission Christmas 2022


Mission Christmas is back! It’s that time of year again when the Cams Hill community can come together to gather gifts for children in the south who may otherwise go without at Christmas. If you can donate a gift in these difficult times, we would be so very grateful.


Mission Christmas is a charity run by wave105. Their mission is to ensure as many children as possible across the south (areas local to us) get something at Christmas. Charities apply to Mission Christmas for help from children’s hospitals and hostels to families in need and many more.


Every year they struggle to find donations for older boys, although all gifts are gratefully received. Gifts must be brand new, and non-perishable (no food items please). Gifts can include socks, hats, scarves, drawing pads, stationery, models to make, football, rugby balls, toiletries, etc …


Ten pupils will be identified to go and help at the warehouse on Tuesday 13 December where they will select presents to send to the charities that have applied for support. There is nothing more humbling than to see the donations packaged up for children for whom we know these will be their only gifts at Christmas thanks to the generosity and kindness of others.


Every donation made will be worth 10 House points. Donations should be taken to Reception.


We thank you so much for any help you can give.

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