Weekly Message 162 – 14 October 2022


14th October 2022

Credit Averages Per Pupil for This Week


Year 7                  9.74

Year 8                  8.35

Year 9                  5.92

Year 10                4.96

Year 11                4.28


After the half-term holiday, Year 11 pupils will be sitting their Mock Examinations. A letter with the timetable and associated arrangements has been sent to parents/carers and we ask pupils, parents and carers to take time to read and digest this information.


Pupils taking either Spanish and French will be having their speaking mocks on the 19 October (Spanish) and 19 October and 20 October (French).


We encourage pupils to prepare for all these exams by making use of the materials provided by their teachers and other revision resources available. The Tutors, Head of Year and Assistant Head of Year are on hand to answer any questions and address any concerns that may exist, appreciating that this can be a demanding time. We wish Year 11 all the very best with these exams and their preparation for them.



We remind pupils that hoodies and jumpers, other than the school jumper or plain round necked blue jumper, are not permitted in school. We have explained to pupils that non-compliance with this expectation will result in the application of the Good Behaviour Policy. We ask parents/carers to support their children to meet this expectation.


Prospective Parents/Carers and Pupil Tours

Tours will conclude next week, and the uptake has been fantastic. We thank our brilliant Senior Pupil Leadership Team for supporting the tours; the feedback from the visitors has been incredibly complimentary.

There is still time available next week if you wish to get in touch to make an appointment for a tour office@camshill.com and we remind parents/carers that the deadline for applications for a school place in Year 7 September 2023 closes at midnight on 31 October 2022.


Non-School Uniform Day – Friday 21 October 2022

We have invited pupils to wear non-school uniform next Friday 21 October 2022 with a donation, to raise money for local charities whose work supports many people in the local community. Whilst participation is optional, we hope that many of our pupils will be able to take part. Specific details can be found in the letter sent to parents/carers on Friday 14 October 2022. 


Parent Governor Vacancies

We have launched the application process for 2 new volunteer parent/carer governors to join our Governing Board. Applications are welcome from parents/carers of pupils currently registered with Cams Hill School.

An email has been sent to all parents/carers sharing further information about the role and how to apply, along with the application form. The closing date for applications is Monday 31 October 2022.  If you have any queries about the process, please do contact our Clerk to the Governors at govs@camshill.com


Year 8 Trip to Osmington Activity Centre




On Thursday 6 October 2022 and Friday 7 October 2022, Year 8 spent two days at Osmington Activity Centre in Weymouth.  Pupils had a huge amount of fun taking part in many activities including climbing, zip wire, problem solving, archery and the giant swing.

Pupils demonstrated teamwork skills and resilience to overcome many challenges during the stay, particularly the giant swing!  All pupils were a credit to the school and we are immensely proud of them.

Thank you to the Year 8 team who gave up their time.  Lots of laughter was had by all.


Battle of Hastings Re-enactment




This week we saw Year 7 excitedly take to the battlefield to recreate one of the most significant events in British history, the Battle of Hastings.

Armed with their homemade shields, the Saxons took on the Normans in a battle for the throne.  Pupils saw how William the Conqueror made use of bravery, great tactics, and a slice of luck to overcome Harold Godwinson and usher in the Norman era.  Pupils behaved impeccably, and the shields looked fantastic, great work one and all!


School Council 2022-23

We held our first school council meeting of the year on Wednesday 12 October.  Our School Council is an important and useful way for the pupils to demonstrate leadership and contribute to the development of the school. Pupils lead and chair the meeting, promote the voice of the pupil body, problem solve and have a positive impact on the school community.

On Wednesday we welcomed over 100 pupils representing tutor groups from Years 7 to 11.  The Senior Pupil Leadership team was introduced, and Mr Hudson and Mr Berry were able to talk about changes that have taken place and could take place across the school site.

Pupils asked members of staff lots of questions regarding issues and ideas that they wished to raise and they discussed priorities for the year ahead.  Thank you to all who attended.


Suicide Prevention Event

On Tuesday 11 October 2022, we hosted the Secondary School Youth Ambassador Suicide Prevention Event on behalf of CAMHS (Child Adult Mental Health Service). Seven Cams Hill School pupils were selected as suitable ambassadors to join in with this event, along with pupils from other schools to engage in learning and explore resources. They had the opportunity to speak to different professionals who work in Hampshire schools, to ask questions and give feedback. They will be using their knowledge from this event to create and share resources for the school community.


Year 11 Trip to Fareham College – Applying to University

On Friday 14 October we took 18 Year 11 pupils to Fareham College to take part in The University Conference, hosted by The Rt Hon Suella Braverman KC MP and her colleagues from Cambridge University. This was an opportunity for pupils to learn and ask questions about the journey to university and an insight into the near future.


Key Stage 3 Artwork




Well done to our pupils in Year 7, 8 AND 9 who have already handed in this half-term’s #Homework. Here are just a few of the #AmazingArt pieces that have already been handed in – lots of #HousePoints are coming your way!

Looking forward to seeing the rest of them very soon. Be sure to check your #HomeworkDeadline

#Homework #ArtsEd #Art #EverydayObjects #Portraiture #DayOfTheDead #KS3 #PupilWork


Year 10 Science Revision Guides

These are in school available for purchase. We strongly recommend that pupils purchase these to help with their Science studies in both Years 10 and 11 (no further books need to be purchased moving into Year 11).

Access on Scopay starts from Friday 14 October – pupils will need to bring a printed receipt to the Science Office or Prep Room (near Science 10) where pupils will be issued with their guides. The revision guides can also be purchased directly at the Year 10 Tutor Parent evening on Tuesday 18 October.

Pupils in the Triple Science groups (10X1 and 10Y1) will purchase three books (one for each of the Sciences) and the cost of all three will be £18. All other pupils (Combined Science) will purchase one book which will be £12. Depending on which group pupils are in, they will either receive a foundation or higher tiered book to start with; in the event of a change in group or tier, guides can be swapped later at no extra cost providing the books are in good condition. Pupils who are Pupil Premium will be contacted about their guides through the year office.

Please note that because the school can buy in bulk the price is lower than you would pay otherwise.


Year 7 Photos

All Year 7 pupils will have their photo taken on Monday 17 October 2022.

During the week after the photo has been taken, parents/carers will receive an individual email with a personal passcode inviting them to view the photo(s) and offering the option to make a purchase.  If for any reason parents/carers do not receive this email, please contact office@camshill.com for the attention of Mrs S Begg.

When purchasing photos, please note that even though the photo is taken in-house, printing is undertaken by an external company and therefore any queries regarding your print(s) will need to be sent to them direct using their contact details which will be provided.



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