Weekly Message 161 – 7 October 2022


7th October 2022

Credit Averages Per Pupil for This Week


Year 7                  7.86

Year 8                  6.30

Year 9                  6.76

Year 10                5.68

Year 11                5.75


Pupils are engaging exceptionally well with their learning across the curriculum and there has been good take-up with the extra-curricular and co-curricular opportunities that are offered. Please see our website for further information about the extra-curricular and co-curricular activities programme.


The weather has been relatively kind to us this week, but we remind parents/carers that pupils spend their breaktime and lunchtimes outside (if not eating in the Dining Hall) only moving to a ‘wet break’ if the rain is heavy and persistent. We therefore encourage those without coats in school to bring one with them every day.


As it gets cooler, we remind pupils, parents and carers that under their blazer pupils are permitted to wear the PE jumper, the school jumper or a plain navy blue, round neck sweatshirt (sweatshirts with logos are not permitted) for an extra layer of warmth.  Please be advised that other jumpers/hoodies are not permitted.


As we move into the penultimate two weeks of this half term, we remind parents and carers that the school closes to pupils at the end of the day on Friday 21 October for the half term holiday re-opening to pupils on Tuesday 1 November (INSET Day Monday 31 October 2022).


Year 7 Settling-In and  Year 10 Parents’ Tutor Evening – 18 October 2022


The appointment booking system is now open to parents and carers of Year 7 and Year 10 pupils to meet with their child’s tutor. A letter detailing the evening and how to book an appointment has already been sent to parents/carers.


Prospective Parents/Carers and Pupil Tours


Following the Open Evening last week, we continue to invite prospective parents/carers and pupils to come to the school for a tour to see the school in action on a usual working day. If this is of interest, please phone the school on 01329 231641 to make an appointment.


Our online prospectus is also available on our website for further information about the school.


Art, Photography and Graphics Exhibition 2022



On Tuesday 4 October, Cams Hill School hosted the annual Art, Photography and Graphics exhibition which celebrated the amazing work of the Class of 2022. Past pupils, their families and friends were treated to a real feast for the eyes. We were incredibly busy for nearly three hours, and it was lovely to hear the pupils talking through their own work with their parents/carers.


The quality and quantity of work on display was testament to the hard work and dedication of these pupils, many of whom have continued their creative journey in further education. Pupils across the school have also had the opportunity to visit the exhibition during their Art lessons or during break times, engaging in conversations with their Art teachers with an insight into the breadth of the experiences on offer to our pupils.


National Poetry Day – 6 October 2022


This year’s theme for National Poetry Day is The Environment. Teachers were invited to share their favourite poem with their classes and tutors shared resources from The Poetry Society which included last year’s winning poem in the Foyle Young Poets of the Year Award 2021.


Dance Live! Workshop



On Monday a small group of Key Stage 3 pupils attended a Dance Live! workshop at the Portsmouth Guildhall. The day involved multiple workshops on how to work with lighting, make content for their LED screen and how to interact with the screen to unify their performance.


The pupils gained lots of useful information and were inspired by some of the suggestions made by the workshop leaders. It was great to see them thinking about our performance as a whole and getting excited to work on other elements in addition to the choreography. The pupils have come back ready to work on their performance and have already begun to develop the ideas shared.


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