Weekly Message 16 November 2018


16th November 2018

Weekly Message – Issue 10

Wow! What a week!

The results have already arrived for the Senior Maths Challenge that nine of our pupils took part in last week.  Competing against learners up to Year 13 they all did well in participating.  Of the nine, five achieved a score high enough for a certificate, one silver, two bronze and with two pupils scoring at least 84 points, two gold certificates and entry to the next round of the competition which takes place on Friday 30 November.  We will keep you posted.

Another highlight – the Year 8 girls’ football team took part in the EFL Football Tournament in Portsmouth on Thursday and with impressive playing came 2nd out of the 28 participating teams. Also on Thursday, a group of Cams Hill School pupils wowed the audience at the Gosport and Fareham Dance Festival 2018. The girls were praised for their discipline, their understanding of their dances and their fun and talent!


Enrichment Day

We had the most wonderful Enrichment Day on Tuesday with pupils in each year group participating in a variety of themed activities. There are so many outcomes from the day that we would wish to share, here are a few to give you a flavour:


Spread the Cams Hill kindness #WorldKindnessDay

Kindness was the theme for Year 7 and this saw them going to Humanities, PE, Drama and ICT to participate in a variety of activities that allowed them to think about how we act towards each other and how we can continue to develop a culture of kindness at Cams Hill.


A kindness Mural

Two of our pupils worked throughout the day with a graffiti artist after winning a competition last year to design a kindness mural for the school. Their winning designs were merged together to form the first Cams Hill kindness mural.


‘Kindness Mission Fareham’

The designs of the runners up were used to make postcards which were distributed by a group of Year 7 pupils and staff in Fareham town centre to spread the message of Kindness at Cams Hill into the local community. 😊


Centenary, Suffrage and WW1 Commemoration

Year 8 pupils have been preparing for the Enrichment Day in their Personal Development Learning and Citizenship Sessions with the theme of remembrance and considering the importance and relevance of remembrance today.

This theme was then continued on the Enrichment Day taking part in a range of activities – singing WW1 songs, creating poppies to make their own wreaths, studying WW1 poetry and writing their own and taking part in sitting volleyball as part of their own Invictus Games.



Prison Me! No Way!

Hard hitting and clear messages delivered to Year 9 pupils from a visiting group whose aim it is to raise awareness amongst young people aged 8 to 18 about the causes, consequences, penalties and impact of crime and how crime affects different people in different ways.

A talk from a reformed ex-convict, time in a (mobile) Prison Cell, a piece of Drama to raise awareness of issues that can affect/influence a young person’s life and a talk from an ex prison officer certainly gave the pupils a lot to talk about, reflect on and consider.


Financial Planning and Security

Year 10 looked into the topic of ‘Finances’ delivered by the Citizens Advice Bureau. The session focussed around the cost of borrowing, on mortgages and the processes involved in owning a house. Pupils also looked at the importance of pensions as well as the dangers associated with gambling.


Exam Prep #1

Year 11 pupils focussed on Exam Preparation in English, Maths and Science and took part in a ‘How to Revise!’ In English, pupils had fun with modelling clay and ‘kinaesthetic quotations’, a hands on and visual way to help remember the all too important quotes from the texts they are


The Headteacher’s blog contains more informal reflections and is available here:




Key Dates

June 2019
Monday 17Year 11: GCSE German Paper 4 (AM 1h/1h 15m)
Year 11: GCSE Certificate in Further Mathematics (calculator) (PM 2h)
Year 8 & 9: Design and Technology Upcycling Competition
Tuesday 18Year 11: GCSE Additional Mathematics (AM 2h)
Year 11: GCSE Hospitality and Catering Spec A - Unit 1 (on screen) (AM 1h 45m)
Year 7: Parents Evening
Wednesday 19Year 10 Mock Exam: Statistics Paper 1 10C
Year 10 Mock Exam: PE Paper 2 10A
Year 10 Mock Exam: Drama 10A
Year 10 Mock Exam: Catering 10A
Year 10 Mock Exam: Combined Science Biology Paper 1 (am)
Year 10 Mock Exam: Biology Paper 1
Year 7: Gosport and Fareham Track and Field Athletics Championships Mountbatten Centre Portsmouth
Thursday 20Year 8: Design and Technology Upcycling Competition Entries DEADLINE
Year 10 Mock Exam: Maths Paper 1 (non-calculator)
Year 10 Mock Exam: Business Paper 1
Friday 21Year 10 Mock Exam: Chemistry Paper 1
Year 10 Mock Exam: Combined Science Chemistry Paper 1
Year 10 Mock Exam: Geography Paper 1
TBC Year 9: Stem Event

 PE Results

Year 8 Girls’ Basketball won against Portchester 28-10

Year 9 Girls’ Basketball lost to Brune Park 38-10

Year 8 Boys’ Basketball lost to Henry Cort 6-2

Year 9 Boys’ Basketball won against Fareham Academy 26-24

Year 10 Boys’ Basketball won against Brune Park 26-20

Year 11 Boys’ Basketball won against Portchester 52-12

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