Weekly Message 137 – 11 February 2022


11th February 2022

Credit Averages for This Week

Year 7                  8.68

Year 8                  7.41

Year 9                  4.08

Year 10                5.23

Year 11                 3.84


Thank you to all the parents and carers that were able to attend the Year 9 Subject Parents’ evening on Tuesday and for the feedback provided on completion of the questionnaire.

Year 9 pupils are now gearing up to make their Guided Choices for the subjects they wish to take in Year 10 and 11. We remind pupils, parents, and carers that a Guided Choices evening will take place on Tuesday 22 March 2022 as per the calendar, when the school will provide specific information about the subjects on offer as well as the process pupils will need to follow to make their choices.

In acknowledgment of the high standards the school prides itself on, we are placing an emphasis on uniform next week. The expectations with uniform are shared with parents and carers, eg ahead of a new academic year, and they can be found on our website

Mrs Harrison-Jones (Headteacher) has written to parents/carers about the plan to address uniform issues where they exist. We thank parents/carers in anticipation of their support in maintaining the school’s high standards.


Pupil Attendance

Please see below the school’s attendance figures for our pupil cohort this past week.  For your reference, it is our intention to share these details with you in all future weekly messages.

This week (W/e 4 Feb) 91.5% (27 pupils absent due to a positive COVID Test)
Last week (W/e 28 Jan) 91.6%
National Average year to date 89.4%


The ‘Attendance Policy’ can be found on our website for further details on how the school and parents/carers can work together to ensure that all children attend school regularly.

COVID Vaccinations 16 and 17 February 2022


Covid vaccinations are taking place on 16 February 2022 and 17 February 2022 as per previous correspondence. For any queries, please use



Dance Live! – Portsmouth Guildhall

Dance live! 2022 was an enormous success! Our pupils not only came in THIRD place, but they showed resilience, confidence and professionalism and we are beyond proud. They really shone like the stars they are.


They spent the entire day at the Guildhall in Portsmouth, rehearsing and watching other schools’ and colleges’ technical runs. They were so supportive to all their competitors and it was lovely to hear their ideas for future years after being inspired.


The day ended on a massive high and the pupils were absolutely buzzing to have been placed when competing against such a high standard of dance.  A huge well done and congratulations to all involved and thank you to all staff, parents and carers who have supported us along the way.


Student Leadership

Today, accompanied by Miss Kendall (Assistant Head of Year 10), a group of Year 10 pupils spent the morning at the Guildhall in Portsmouth at a leadership event organised by Portsmouth College. As well as listening to a guest speaker, they focussed on the skills needed for fulfilling student leader roles with an emphasis on project planning. The pupils returned to school enthused and thoroughly enjoyed their experience. We thank Portsmouth College for putting on and inviting our pupils to this event.


Basketball and Badminton Clubs

The early morning clubs started this week with great success. Over 20 pupils attended and participated with energy and enthusiasm. These clubs are open to all, so we invite pupils to come along if they wish to get some exercise before school. Both clubs start at 0745 and end at 0830. We hope to see you there!



It has been amazing to see so many pupils attend rugby training. Over 25 Year 7 and Year 8 pupils have attended their respective clubs and continue to work towards fixtures that start after the half term break. These clubs are open to all, so we welcome pupils to come along if they wish to try something new.


Hoping you can help – sponsorship needed for team kits

As a PE department, we are hoping to attract any local business or individuals to sponsor some new team kits. We regularly compete in fixtures in both football and rugby. Our current team kits are over seven years old and are in desperate need of replacing.


As you can appreciate, the cost of replacing these is significant hence we are hoping to attract local businesses who may wish to place their name on our shirts. If you would be interested in sponsorship, please get in touch with Mr Worthy (Curriculum Leader of PE) using office@camshill.com




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