Weekly Message 124 – 22 October 2021


22nd October 2021

Credit Averages for This Week

Credit Averages for This Week


Year 7                  9.44

Year 8                  9.40

Year 9                  4.47

Year 10                5.23

Year 11                 3.73

So today we conclude the first half-term of the year and what a busy and fun packed 7 weeks it has been. We thank all our pupils for their commitment and dedication to their learning and for their contribution to our school community and wish them a restful and enjoyable week’s holiday.


COVID Testing during the Half Term Holiday

We would like to thank pupils, parents and carers for their commitment to the self-testing programme adding to our risk reduction measures to reduce transmission of COVID-19 within our school community and keep the school open.

We ask that pupils are supported to continue to self-test over the holiday period as per the details in the letter to parents and carers dated 20 October 2021. Pupils have been provided with kits to top up their supply.

We specifically ask that pupils test themselves either the night before or the morning of their return to school on the 1 November 2021.


Year 11 Mock Examinations (1 November 2021– 26 November 2021)

 Year 11 pupils begin their Mock Examinations on 1 November 2021. The timetable has been published, as well as the specific details about the format of the examinations. Teachers have provided pupils with a wealth of revision resources available to support them with their preparations.

The examinations are organised by our Examinations Officer supported by a team of trained invigilators who all work tirelessly to ensure that they run smoothly for all pupils.

We wish the pupils well with their examinations and ask pupils, parents and carers to let us know via the Tutor/Assistant Head of Year/Head of Year should there be any support needed over the next few weeks.


Homework Study Club – Library – After School – every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday

Our Homework Study Club is available in the library after school until 1550 every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.  The purpose is to enable pupils to do some independent study, finish any outstanding classwork, or complete homework tasks in the relative quiet of the school library.

Pupils have full use of computers and all the books within the library, as well as staff to assist them with their work so we ask parents/carers to encourage them to attend if this would be useful for them.


School Council

On Thursday, the School Council held their first meeting of this academic year, and it was the first meeting led by the Head Prefect team. Owing to reductions in covid restrictions, all year groups could mix during the meeting, and this will be utilized during the year with cross-year collaboration between representees on different projects and working groups.

Mrs Harrison-Jones (Headteacher) answered many questions from tutor groups based around adaptations to the school and school policies, with mentions including site improvements and possible uniform additions. A guest speaker from the local charity Acts of Kindness, thanked the school for their recent harvest-based food collection point and discussed how the charity and the school could continue to work together approaching Christmas, with ideas such as a reverse advent calendar.

Mrs Holden also spoke about the house system, explaining how it worked to new Year 7 pupils and encouraging all representatives to get their whole tutor groups involved with house challenges so they could achieve the rewards afternoon at the end of the year. Additionally, Mrs Noble spoke about the Big Fund, reminding pupils that their voice is what will be used to decide how the money gets spent and suggesting that it may be run again this summer if pupils believe it to be a good scheme.

Overall, the meeting was a success and the Head Prefect Team look forward to working with all pupils involved throughout the rest of the year, hopefully helping to continue to raise pupil voice within Cams Hill.


Year 9 Residential Trip to Osmington Bay


This week over 150 of our Year 9 pupils embarked on a two-day residential to Osmington Bay, Dorset participating in team activities and challenges, which we hope will have created life-long memories.

We can’t wait to see them after half term and hear all about it. Thank you to the wonderful pastoral team, Miss Robinson (Head of Year) and Miss O’Neil (Assistant Head of Year), for organising, as well as all the staff on the trip and have made it happen. It’s been a real pleasure to be able to offer this experience to them.


Acts of Kindness and Non-School Uniform

 We are so grateful for the generosity of all our families who have supported our charities this term.

So far, we have raised over £1700 from non-school uniform day alone, which is incredible.

We also had the pleasure of Hilary from AOK join our School Council meeting, helping the pupils understand where their contributions go and who they help.

Today we have FILLED the school minibus with donations of food and other items that can be used at the Acts of Kindness foodbank. We are beyond grateful for your support and the difference our donations make to members of our community. Thank you.


Football – Year 10 National Cup Success

Year 10 pupils took the trip to Bournemouth on a windy afternoon. The team dominated the first half by playing some slick football and finishing half time 3-1 up.

In the second half our opponents, LeAF Studio, pushed harder but we dealt with the windy conditions better and kept the ball on the floor winning 6-4. We had an enjoyable trip back with every McDonalds that we passed being highlighted by the pupils! Well done to the team. Great performance!


Enrichment Day

Tuesday saw our first whole school Enrichment Day of the academic year. Enrichment Days support the delivery of our PDLC Curriculum, with pupils in each year group attending 5 sessions on a particular theme.

Year 7’s Safety Day allowed them to explore issues of their own safety online and on the road, consider healthy eating, and learn CPR in a practical session with our resuscitation dummies. Year 8 examined adolescence and responsibility, with sessions focused on resilience and relationships, alongside puberty and cancer awareness. As part of our delivery of the Relationships and Sex Education curriculum, Year 9 considered healthy relationships, sexuality and gender, and sexual health.

Looking ahead to the future, Year 10 were focussed on the world of work and personal finances, including writing a CV, applying for jobs, budgeting and bank accounts. Year 11 were inspired by outside speaker Jim Roberson to make good use of their day focussed on GCSE preparation, from effective revision techniques to strategies for physical and mental wellbeing.


Travel To School

 Below are links to information about keeping children safe when travelling to and from school.

Teaching Road Safety: A Guide for Parents https://www.rospa.com/media/documents/road-safety/teaching-road-safety-a-guide-for-parents.pdf

Safety First – Cycling at Night https://www.cycletraining.co.uk/cycle-training-and-cycle-safety/safety-first-cycling-at-night/

Be Bright, Be Seen Poster https://6282.s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/Be_Bright_Be_Seen-A5-Flyer.pdf

Keeping Children Safe in the Dark https://firstaidforlife.org.uk/keeping-children-safe-in-dark/

Dark Nights https://www.childcare.co.uk/information/dark-nights-children-safety

Be Bright Be Seen https://brightkidz.co.uk/initiatives/be-bright-be-seen/




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