Weekly Message 123 – 15 October 2021


15th October 2021

Credit Averages for This Week

Year 7                  11.15

Year 8                  10.84

Year 9                  7.49

Year 10                6.38

Year 11                 4.35

Thank you to all Year 7 parents/carers who were able to join us in school on Tuesday at the Year 7 Settling-in and Learning Support Evening and to Year 10 parents/carers who came to the Year 10 Tutor Parents’ Evening.

As well as a meeting with their child’s tutor, pupils were invited to take their parents/carers on a tour of the school to visit department areas, acknowledging that the school has been closed to visitors for some time with many parents/carers having not been able to visit us at all.

There was such a lovely atmosphere in the building; we really enjoyed seeing and hearing both Year 7 and Year 10 pupils alike familiarising their parents/carers with life as a member of the school community and talking with them about their daily experiences. Our visitors were also able to see pupils performing in Drama and were able to listen to pupils playing music around the school.

The Year 8 and 9 Tutor Parents’ Evenings will take place next half term as well as a Year 11 virtual Subject Parents’ Evening in December 2021. We refer our parents/carers to the calendar published on our website for dates of forthcoming events.


Prospective Parent/Carer Tours

These have concluded this week and the uptake has been fantastic. We thank our brilliant Senior Pupil Leadership Team for supporting the tours; the feedback from the visitors has been incredibly complimentary. We remind prospective parents/carers that the deadline for applications for a school place in Year 7 September 2022 closes at midnight on 31 October 2021.


Non-School Uniform Days

We have invited pupils to wear non-school uniform next Friday 22 October 2021 as the first of three occasions this term, to raise money for three local charities whose work supports many people in the local community. Whilst participation is optional, we hope that many of our pupils will be able to take part. Specific details can be found in the letter sent to parents/carers earlier this week.


Year 7 and Year 8 Food Bank Donations

We regularly actively support our local Food Bank. We are so very grateful for the generosity of our parents, carers and pupils … our donations box is almost overflowing and items are still coming in.


Year 7 and 8 pupils have been amazing and we can’t wait to find out who has won the reward afternoon for the inter-tutor group donation challenge. We will be proudly taking the donations to Acts of Kindness next week. We thank you again for helping us support our local charities.


Fareham Universities Conference

Today, a group of our Year 11 pupils attended the Fareham Universities Conference where after a welcome talk from the Rt Hon Suella Braverman QC MP, they heard more about the admissions process and university life and took part in a question-and-answer session with Lizzie Bowles, Schools Liaison Officer from Trinity College, University of Cambridge. The pupils gained a really useful insight as they consider their next steps beyond school and we thank Fareham College for the opportunity.


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