Weekly Message 111 – 11 June 2021


11th June 2021

Credit Averages for This Week

Year 7                  12.46

Year 8                  5.67

Year 9                  5.15

Year 10                5.31


Welcome back to our readers after the half-term break. We have so much to look forward to over the coming weeks as we conclude this academic year 2020/21.


A letter has been sent from Mrs Harrison-Jones (Headteacher) this afternoon with a couple of reminders for pupils, parents and carers. We remind pupils that the blue jumper is an optional item of school uniform (to keep warm in the colder months) and that school blazers must be worn to school and in the building unless advised otherwise. We will keep this under review in the event of particularly high temperatures.


We also remind pupils about bringing their own full water bottle to school each day. There are water fountains where pupils can top up their bottles during break and lunchtime.


Year 11 Masterclasses


Year 11 pupils, parents and carers have been sent details about the virtual Masterclasses we are offering in several subjects to strengthen foundations for post-16 studies. Pupils can join a session by completing the online form; this will trigger a Zoom link to all participants.


In addition to the Masterclasses with specialist teachers, there are sessions available where pupils can keep in touch with their tutor as they adjust to life beyond school.


Year 10 Exams


Our Year 10 pupils begin their exams next week with a mix of In-Class Assessments and exams taking place in the Exams/Events Hall so that they can rehearse the formality of sitting an exam.


Pupils have been provided with direction from their subject teachers and a wealth of revision material to access at home as they prepare for these assessments.  We wish all pupils the very best over the next two weeks.


After School Independent Study Rooms


From Monday 14 June 2021, a supervised Study Room will be available for each year group Monday to Thursday from the end of the day until 1600.


The Study Room offers pupils the opportunity to complete homework or independent study in a quiet space. If pupils would like to use a Study Room, we ask them to go to the Digital Detox Zone (DDZ – outside ICT1) after school to be directed to the Study Room for their year group. Pupils do not need to register an interest beforehand and there is no expectation of a commitment to attend on a regular basis or to stay until 1600 when they attend.


PE Fixtures


It is with great excitement that school fixtures start again next week. We have entered football, rounders and netball tournaments for Years 7, 8 and 9 against other schools from within Fareham and Gosport. If your child wishes to take part and represent the school and has not yet registered their interest with the PE Department, please ask them to come and speak to us in the PE office.


Hampshire and Isle of Wight Educational Psychology Telephone Support Line

The link below gives details of a telephone support line for education staff and parents/carers.

 TSL flyer 210607





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