Weekly Message 105 – 23 April 2021


23rd April 2021

Credit Averages for This Week

Year 7                  8.03

Year 8                  7.38

Year 9                  6.23

Year 10                4.69

Year 11                2.15



Year 11 In-Class Assessments are underway to contribute to the evidence bank that will be used to determine Teacher Assessed Grades in the absence of GCSE Exams. Pupils have been so committed to their studies, with pupils and teachers working together to achieve the best outcomes as Year 11 conclude their time with us and prepare for life beyond Cams Hill.


COVID-19 Self-Test Kits

Thank you to all families supporting the COVID-19 self-testing programme, recognising that around one in three people who have coronavirus have no symptoms. Pupils were issued before the Easter break with enough tests for testing twice a week until the w/e 30 April. We will be taking receipt of more self-test kits allocated by the Government next week, and these will be distributed to pupils to take home by the end of next week.


The Big Ask – National Survey of Children

On 19 April 2021, the new Children’s Commissioner for England, Dame Rachel de Souza, launched The Big Ask – the largest ever consultation with children aged 4 to 17 in England. The survey can be accessed using  https://www.childrenscommissioner.gov.uk/thebigask/ and we encourage pupils to complete it to help the Children’s Commissioner “identify barriers preventing children reaching their potential, put forward solutions and set ambitious goals for the country to achieve” DfE 19 April 2021


Mobile Phones

We respectfully remind pupils, parents and carers of the school’s position with mobile phones. Cams Hill School does not allow mobile phones and other mobile/smart devices to be used during the school day.


If mobile phones are brought into school, they should be switched off and kept out of sight. If a pupil is seen using or taking a phone or mobile/smart device out during the day, it will be confiscated and put in the school safe, regardless of whether the phone or mobile/smart device is the property of the person in possession of it. It will be securely locked away for three days. A phone call home will be made to advise parents/carers that this has taken place. We thank parents/carers for their support in this matter.


A Reminder for Year 11 Parents/Carers from the Maths Department


Please can you check that your child has all the correct equipment for the ICAs.  Equipment is available to buy via Scopay and these items then need to be collected from the Finance Office.


Calculator – £8.50

“Exam ready” pencil cases – £2.50

100 white revision postcards plus tag – £1.00

100 white revision multi coloured plus tag – £1.00


We want your child to do the best they can, so coming fully equipped is a great start!


MFL Calligram House Competition

Please see the link below for details of our MFL Calligram House Competition


Calligram challenge MFL challenge 2


The Headteacher’s blog contains more informal reflections and is available here:





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