Weekly Message 102 – 19 March 2021


19th March 2021

Credit Averages for This Week

Year 7      7.11

Year 8      5.87

Year 9      6.20

Year 10    4,41

Year 11     3.14


There is a lot for us to focus on in school presently. With Year 11/Class of 2021, we are focussing on the process for determining Teacher Assessment Grades (TAGs) which are in place following the cancellation of the Summer Series of exams. We have written to parents/carers and we have spoken with pupils to share the plan of action to best support pupils over the coming months as they prepare for the next stage in their lives beyond Cams Hill. More information can be found on our website.

In Year 9, pupils are gearing up to making their subject choices for Key Stage 4. Plenty of information is available to pupils which has been prepared by the Subject Leaders about the courses on offer. Information about our Guided Choices programme has been sent to parents and carers with our Guided Choices Evening taking place on Tuesday 23 March 2021.


COVID-19 Self-Test Kits for Testing at Home

Pupils in all year groups have been given their self-test kits so that they are able to continue testing at home from 22 March 2021. Pupils are advised to test two times per week with three to four days between tests. They have been given enough tests for three weeks. We will write to parents/carers again, ahead of the Easter holiday with an update regarding self-testing.


House Challenges

Pupils have been embracing the opportunities available to them to earn house points for their House.

The points so far for Cams Hill’s House Challenges are:

1st = Illustrious with 3,459 pts

2nd = Endeavour with 3,248 pts

3rd Warrior with 3,128 pts

4th = Invincible with 855 pts

These points include: 1 point per every £1 raised for either the house charity or the Wave1000 face fundraiser, for Mission Christmas and for food bank donations, art competitions, card race challenge, spotlight points, February mile challenge and very many more. There are still competitions running in both English and in Drama – pupils cans ask their tutors for more information about taking part and earing points.

Don’t forget, the winning house will win time off timetable in the Summer Term to enjoy inflatables, BBQ and time with other pupils in their house (restrictions permitting).

Thank you to everyone who has helped with all charity events and supporting their house. Invincible – the February mile challenge was a game changer! You must send replies to housechallenge@camshill.com or direct to Mr Barnard, who will then forward to Mrs Holden.

There is still time to claw it back- watch out for future challenges 😊


How to Set Up Mobiles for Use in an Emergency

In light of recent media around female safety and the ‘Sarah Everard’ case, the phone companies in conjunction with NOS (National Online Safety) have produced these posters for people to enable their phones with emergency set up.


emergency set up for a google phone

emergency setup for a samsung phone

emergency setup for an iphone



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