Weekly Newsletter 3 November 2017


3rd November 2017


Weekly Message

Over the half-term, 63 pupils and 6 staff spent 5 days in France, developing their language skills and taking in the local sights. Trips to the Eiffel Tower and Disneyland Paris were definitely the highlights of this trip. You can find further details by following the Modern Foreign Languages department on twitter: @CAMSLanguages. Thank you to all of the staff who gave up four days of their holiday to enable this trip to take place and thank you also to the children, all of whom were brilliantly behaved.

Tuesday was a busy evening, with over 200 sets of parents attending the Year 9 Parents’ Evening. Thank you to all parents who attended this event.

This week, Year 11s have been taking part in walking-talking mocks in preparation for the practice GCSE exams which start next week. A walking-talking mock is when a teacher leads a whole-year group session, modelling how he/she would answer the exam questions. It is also an opportunity for pupils to ask how to approach questions they find tricky. Thanks to the departments who have run these and good luck to all Year 11s next week.

If you are in Year 8 and enjoy reading, Mrs Fargher (Library Manager) is looking for pupils to participate in the upcoming Hampshire Book Awards. This is an initiative which many local schools participate in. Pupils read and review six shortlisted titles before voting on their favourite novel. The author of the winning title is invited to an event at Winchester where the pupils have the opportunity to meet the writer. Pupils who are interested should contact Mrs Fargher in the Library.

The weekly Headteacher’s blog is available via the following link  https://camsheadteacher.wordpress.com/



Chateau Beaumont Trip – October 2017


It was a very early start for the Year 8, Year 9 and six members of staff going on the Château Beaumont trip, leaving school at 6am! We arrived at the port and boarded the ferry feeling a mixture of tiredness, excitement and nerves for a few anxious pupils. The weather meant that it was a rocky and nauseating ferry crossing to Caen from Portsmouth! Staff and pupils were excited to arrive at the Château and have dinner before starting the first evening’s activities. We were particularly impressed with how well the groups worked together and tackled some difficult French clues.


Our first full day in France started at Laval market, with students speaking in French to locals and sampling some authentic French crêpes – vraiment delicieux! Next we headed to the hypermarché where pupils stocked up on treats for themselves and their families. After lunch we travelled to the magnificent castle in Fougères, a quaint and traditional French town on the Brittany-Normandy border. We stopped off at the Monbana Chocolate shop on our way back to Château Beaumont to get stuck into the evening activities. Each group took part in either l’escalade (climbing), l’escrime (fencing), le tir à l’arc (archery), la tyrolienne (zipline) or le course d’obstacles (obstacle course/Nightline). Pupils had the opportunity to sample some French delicacies on Saturday with snails and frogs’ legs on the menu. After some initial uncertainty most students got stuck in and surprised themselves by enjoying it, although the staff were not quite so brave! The evening finished with a bit of fancy dress. It was tough to choose a winner as pupils came well-prepared with their French-themed costumes but H Davis in 9M was victorious in his French Fries outfit!


It was a wet and windy start to the day but worth it to see the stunning Mont-Saint-Michel. Pupils were exceptionally well-behaved and respectful during the tour of the abbey and everyone left with a feeling of awe at the amazing sights. Back at the château pupils continued with the range of adventurous activities on offer. We celebrated our last night in the château with a disco, where everybody showed off their best moves! We finished the evening chocolat chaud before a (mostly) good night’s sleep ahead of the long journey to Disneyland…


Another 6am departure, this time for Disneyland! It was an action-packed day meeting our favourite characters, watching the parade and going on all of the rides. It was lovely to see pupils having fun and making the most of their time there.


We made it through the traffic into the centre of Paris and enjoyed looking over France’s beautiful capital city from the Eiffel Tower. A few pupils were nervous of heights but persevered and faced their fears. We had a spot of lunch before heading north to Calais for the ferry. Luckily the water was much calmer this time…


A special thank you to all of the pupils on the trip. You were an absolute pleasure to take abroad and you made your teachers feel extremely proud.

Miss J Cochran, Mrs S Brooker, Mrs M Elder, Mrs M Dugan, Mr G Blackman & Mr J Anderson




Hampton Court – Year 11 trip

Year 11 were given the opportunity to visit Hampton Court Palace as part of their GCSE course. We took two groups on two separate days to discover why the palace was built and its significance in the Tudor Era. Pupils were given a workshop which focussed on: Elizabeth’s religious changes; her suitors and potential husbands; and her succession and who the crown would pass to after her death. It was a fabulous opportunity for students to develop their understanding of the Elizabethan Era and problems she faced during her reign.

Pupils were impeccably well behaved and demonstrated the values expected of them. As part of the workshop they had the opportunity to take part in a role as Elizabeth’s privy council and debate who the crown should be passed to. Their verbal contributions in the workshop showed a deep level of understanding of the Elizabethan Era and illustrated their abilities to form arguments and justify their opinions.




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June 2019
Monday 17Year 11: GCSE German Paper 4 (AM 1h/1h 15m)
Year 11: GCSE Certificate in Further Mathematics (calculator) (PM 2h)
Year 8 & 9: Design and Technology Upcycling Competition
Tuesday 18Year 11: GCSE Additional Mathematics (AM 2h)
Year 11: GCSE Hospitality and Catering Spec A - Unit 1 (on screen) (AM 1h 45m)
Year 7: Parents Evening
Wednesday 19Year 10 Mock Exam: Statistics Paper 1 10C
Year 10 Mock Exam: PE Paper 2 10A
Year 10 Mock Exam: Drama 10A
Year 10 Mock Exam: Catering 10A
Year 10 Mock Exam: Combined Science Biology Paper 1 (am)
Year 10 Mock Exam: Biology Paper 1
Year 7: Gosport and Fareham Track and Field Athletics Championships Mountbatten Centre Portsmouth
Thursday 20Year 8: Design and Technology Upcycling Competition Entries DEADLINE
Year 10 Mock Exam: Maths Paper 1 (non-calculator)
Year 10 Mock Exam: Business Paper 1
Friday 21Year 10 Mock Exam: Chemistry Paper 1
Year 10 Mock Exam: Combined Science Chemistry Paper 1
Year 10 Mock Exam: Geography Paper 1
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FIXTURES W/C 6 November 2017

Year 7 X Country away to Brune Park Community School



U16 Girls’ Football away to Wyvern College

Year 8 X Country away to Brune Park Community School



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Lost Property

If items are not found on the day they are lost, please keep checking with the First Aid Room as they can often take a couple of weeks to reach us.


Monday 09 July 2018 - Friday 13 July 2018
Padded Beige hoodie uk 18-20 Ayacucho
Black Mountain Warehouse Coat size M
White NB trainers size 7.5
Black/white adidas football boots size 11
Black plimsoles size 5
Nike trainers Blue speckled size 5
White/Green Nike football boots size 7
Various keys, glasses, jewellery
White Headphones
PE kit in White bag
White Cedar Wood State Hoodie size S
Grey Hoodie “I’m so freaking cold” size S
Light Grey Next hoodie size 13 years
Green Next Sun cap 7-10 years
Various Water bottles
Grey Hype jumper size 11-12 years
PE Kit in Navy Bag (Bottoms size 20, Top size L)
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Black laced plimsoles size 4
1 Black Slazenger plimsole size 3
Fox Head purse with Yellow wrist band


Various keys, watches and pairs of spectacles are kept in the Medical Room when handed into lost property. When named items are handed in to the Medical Room Form Tutors are notified by e-mail or printed slips, which are sent in school registers, to ask pupils to come and collect the items.



School Trips Update

You may pay online for the majority of trips at https://www.scopay.com/camshill-hants


Year 10 GCSE Art, Craft & Design, Graphics and Photography trip to London – 22 November
Payment of £19.50 due by Friday 10 November


Year 10 Geography GCSE Trip to Iceland – February 2018
All payments now overdue (due Tuesday 31 October)

Iceland 2018Payment byAmountTotal
First non-refundable deposit13 February 2017£150.00£150.00
First instalment31 March 2017£150.00£300.00
Second instalment28 April 2017£110.00£410.00
Third instalment26 May 2017£110.00£520.00
Fourth instalment30 June 2017£110.00£630.00
Fifth instalment21 July 2017£110.00£740.00
Sixth instalment29 September 2017£110.00£850.00
Seventh and final instalment31 October 2017£110.00£960.00


Year 9 History Trip to the Battlefields – March 2018
Second instalment of £50.00 due by Thursday 30 November

Battlefields 2018Payment byAmountTotal
Non-refundable deposit29 September 2017£70.00£70.00
First instalment31 October 2017£50.00£120.00
Second instalment30 November 2017£50.00£170.00
Third and final instalment21 December 2017£30.00£200.00


Water Sports Trip to the Ardeche – July/August 2018
Fourth instalment of £60.00 due by Thursday 30 November

Ardeche 2018Payment byAmountTotal
First non-refundable deposit24 May 2017£100.00£100.00
Second non-refundable deposit30 June 2017£100.00£200.00
First instalment21 July 2017£60.00£260.00
Second instalment29 September 2017£60.00£320.00
Third instalment31 October 2017£60.00£380.00
Fourth instalment30 November 2017£60.00£440.00
Fifth instalment31 January 2018£55.00£495.00
Sixth instalment28 February 2018£55.00£550.00
Seventh instalment29 March 2018£55.00£605.00
Eighth and final instalment30 April 2018£55.00£660.00


MFL Trip to Barcelona – Current Year 9 – October 2018
Deposit of £100 due by Friday 17 November


Ski Trip 2019 (Years 7-9)
Second non-refundable deposit of £100.00 due by Friday 24 November

Ski Trip 2019Payment byAmountTotal
First non-refundable deposit20 October 2017£100.00£100.00
Second non-refundable deposit24 November 2017£100.00£200.00
First instalment28 February 2018£95.00£295.00
Second instalment29 March 2018£75.00£370.00
Third instalment30 April 2018£75.00£445.00
Fourth instalment25 May 2018£75.00£520.00
Fifth instalment29 June 2018£75.00£595.00
Sixth instalment28 September 2018£75.00£670.00
Seventh instalment31 October 2018£75.00£745.00
Eighth instalment30 November 2018£75.00£820.00
Ninth and final instalment14 December 2018£65.00£885.00




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