End of Term Message


29th March 2018

As we approach the Spring Break, I am writing to thank you for your ongoing support and positive partnership working with Cams Hill School. It has been an incredibly busy Spring Term involving many and varied activities both within and beyond the curriculum.

I cannot thank all members of the Cams Hill School community enough for coming together with such strength and depth particularly over the past half term in such tragic circumstances. Our community is stronger than ever and demonstrated such resilience, empathy and sensitivity in helping each other work through such difficult times; thank you.

The Spring Break brings much needed opportunity for rest, relaxation and in the case of Year 11 pupils, their teachers and their families, revision. It is a crucial time for these pupils who are less than 4 schools weeks from their GCSE exams. Staff are offering revision activities and opportunities across the Spring Break for which I know pupils, parents and carers are extremely grateful, as am I.

During the first week of the Summer Term, I will be leading assemblies for every year group as I do at the start of each new term. The focus for them this time will be very much around the high expectations that we have at Cams Hill School on a number of specific issues. I wanted to take this opportunities to alert you as parents/carers as to what these specific issues are so you can speak with you son/daughter during the Spring Break and raise their awareness. As a school after the Spring Break, starting with the assemblies, we are all going to be focusing on being ‘ready, respectful and safe.’

Ready – This will centre around punctuality to school and being on time to lessons. We will also focus on being ready in attitude, being positive, receptive and ready for the high expectations that school staff will have of each and every individual.

We will also focus on being ready to work hard and knowing that this is what is expected! We want pupils to make as much progress as possible in all subjects, to enjoy their experiences at Cams Hill and achieve high outcomes. There will also be a timely reminder about having the right equipment to be able to interact positively in all lessons so please do undertake a quick pencil case check for your son/daughter before you head out to replenish stationery stocks for your son/daughter. Finally, we will be initiating a renewed focus on being ready and dressed appropriately so please ensure that any school uniform purchased for the Summer Term is in line with school guidelines.

Respectful – I am going to talk in the assemblies about the school community as a whole and the contribution that we all make to it each and every day with a focus on how we interact with each other respectfully at all times. This will then be followed up in period 5 / tutor time and in all lessons with all staff. Lesson times, break times, lunch times, after school activities as part of our co-curricular offer, trips, visits, travelling to and from school are all key parts of the wider school day and it is vital that we are respectful at all times. I will mention how important our interactions are and how relationships that are built are the key to success. We continue to raise the profile of our kindness campaign and will be welcoming further initiatives and activities into the Summer Term.

Safe – We are going to be having a renewed focus on ensuring that pupils are and feel safe at all times. This will involve general reminders about lesson changeover, walking on the left hand side of the corridor, and moving quickly but carefully around the site. I will also cover specifics around online safety and travel to/from school safely. This will involve continuing to increase the profile and understanding of safeguarding for pupils, staff and parents / carers.

We are incredibly proud of the values of ‘inspire, nurture, achieve and excel’ that underpin the Cams Hill School community and wish to continue to maintain them with consistency and clarity into the future. May I thank you in anticipation of your continued support. Working in positive partnership with all parents / carers is our absolute priority to maximise the success of all our pupils.

Wishing you a restful and relaxing Spring Break.


Yours sincerely


Mrs G Harrison-Jones

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