Welcome to the ‘Anti-Bullying Collective’


What is bullying?

Bullying can be quite obvious (pushing, hitting, verbal abuse, attacks on social media) or it can be subtler, hiding under the guise of “It’s only a joke!” or “It’s just a bit of banter.”

If it’s deliberately being done to hurt your feelings, it’s bullying.

Cams Hill School is aware that instances of bullying can, and sometimes do, occur within the pupil cohort. We believe that the answer to reduction in bullying behaviour lies in collective responsibility and investment by the entire pupil body.

Bullies get away with this unacceptable behaviour because their victims are too scared or embarrassed to report what is happening. The school has put into place an extremely proactive, diverse and educational anti-bullying policy which now includes a group of pupils known as our ‘ABC Ambassadors’ or ‘ABA’s’ who form the ‘Anti-Bullying Collective’. Their work throughout the academic year will ensure that the instances of genuine bullying behaviour is kept extremely low.

Please see the hyperlink if you wish to be directed you our Anti Bullying Policy.

The Anti-Bullying Collective Ambassadors are there to offer non-judgemental support: to be a friend when you need one; someone who understands what you are going through and will help you reach a peaceful resolve to any bullying incident.

Pupils will also be able to email with any bullying concerns.  This is monitored by the ‘ABC’ Team, Mr Anderson and Miss Kendall.



Meet Your ‘ABC Ambassadors’

Year 8

The ‘Anti-Bullying intervention group will be overseen by Mr J Anderson (Assistant Head of Years 9 & 11, Designated Safeguarding lead, PDLC Coordinator) and Miss A Kendall (Assistant Head of Years 8 & 10, Designated Safeguarding lead) who will meet daily with the ‘ABC Ambassadors’ to discuss any issues or incidents that have been reported.