Meet our Staff


Senior Leadership Team
HeadteacherMrs G Harrison-Jones
Deputy HeadteacherMr A Govan
Deputy HeadteacherMiss R Matthews
Assistant HeadteacherMrs A Potts
Assistant HeadteacherMr I Hudson
Associate Assistant Headteacher (Head of Science)Mrs J Greenham-Smith
Associate Assistant Headteacher (Lead Teacher of RE)Mrs J Lawrence
Associate Assistant Headteacher (Head of Mathematics)Ms J Wilson

Pastoral Team
Inclusion and Intervention ManagerMrs S Brooker
Attendance, Health and Wellness OfficerMrs A Hughes
Attendance, Health and Wellness OfficerMrs L Lundregan
Attendance/Home School Link WorkerMiss L White
Assistant to Year 7Mrs J Braisher
Assistant to Years 8 & 9Miss A Kendall
Assistant to Years 10 & 11Mr J Anderson
Head of Year 7 (Teacher of Geography)Miss S Haynes
Head of Year 8 (Teacher of History)Mrs S Seve
Head of Year 9 (Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages)Miss J Cochran
Head of Year 10 (Teacher of Mathematics)Mr M Townsend
Head of Year 11 (Teacher of Geography)Mrs P Newman

Art Department
Head of ArtMrs L Oswald-Cutler
Teacher of ArtMrs J Farmer
Teacher of ArtMrs C Hiron

Drama Department
Head of DramaMr D Murton
Teacher of DramaMrs K Brush

English Department
Head of EnglishMrs J Ellis
Second in charge (English)Miss A Reeves
Lead Teacher Of EnglishMiss M Robson
Teacher of EnglishMiss B Chesterman
Teacher of EnglishMrs N Coles
Teacher of EnglishMiss R Cutler
Teacher of EnglishMiss C Hamilton
Teacher of EnglishMrs C McBride
Teacher of EnglishMr C Pink
Teacher of EnglishMrs C Pink
Teacher of EnglishMrs K Williams
Unqualified Teacher of EnglishMiss K Bivens

Geography Department
Head of GeographyMr G Blackman
Teacher of GeographyMiss S Haynes
Teacher of GeographyMrs P Newman
Teacher of GeographyMr N Bayley

History Department
Head of HistoryMiss E Burnett
Teacher of HistoryMrs S Trow
Teacher of HistoryMrs S Seve
Teacher of HistoryMiss L Robinson

Mathematics Department
Head of Mathematics (Associate Assistant Headteacher)Mrs J Wilson
Second in charge - MathematicsMr C Fairhead
Second in charge - MathematicsMr B Parratt
Teacher of MathematicsMiss C Cade
Teacher of MathematicsMr K Hayward
Teacher of MathematicsDr A Kirkup
Teacher of MathematicsMr C Sanders
Teacher of MathematicsMrs MJ Skingley

Modern Foreign Languages Department
Head Of Modern Foreign LanguagesMrs M Ameaux
Second In Charge Modern Foreign LanguagesMrs M Elder
Teacher of Modern Foreign LanguagesMrs S Behrens
Teacher of Modern Foreign LanguagesMiss J Cochran
Teacher of Modern Foreign LanguagesMrs C Cowie
Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages (maternity cover for Claire Cowie)Mrs S Alayon
Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages (maternity cover)Mrs J Browning

Music Department
Head of MusicMr A Cleary
Teacher of MusicMr M Charles
Teacher of MusicMiss C Knapman
Peripatetic Music TeacherMr D Anderson
Peripatetic Music TeacherMr M Carrington
Peripatetic Music TeacherMrs J Flatman
Peripatetic Music TeacherMrs J Ingledew
Peripatetic Music TeacherMr M Lake
Peripatetic Music TeacherMr R Tarley
Peripatetic Music TeacherMiss A Yates

Physical Education Department
Head Physical EducationMr D Worthy
Teacher of PEMr G Barnard
Teacher of PEMiss E Caddy
Teacher of PEMr R Gunner
Teacher of PEMrs L Holden
Teacher of PEMiss F Weston

Religious Studies Department
Head of Religious StudiesMrs L Webb
Lead Teacher of RS (Associate Assistant Headteacher)Mrs J Lawrence
Teacher of Religious StudiesMrs P Jones
Teacher of Religious StudiesMiss S Adams

Science Department
Head of Science (Associate Assistant Headteacher) Mrs J Greenham-Smith
Second in Charge - ScienceMrs S Gains
Second in Charge - ScienceMrs S Stowell
Second in Charge - ScienceMr A Hopkins
Teacher of Science (Deputy Headteacher)Miss R Matthews
Teacher of ScienceMrs F Axelsen
Teacher of ScienceMr H Caudell
Teacher of ScienceMrs D Caudell
Teacher of ScienceMrs L Hood
Teacher of ScienceMrs C Ives
Teacher of ScienceMr C Lawrence
Teacher of ScienceMiss C Wallis
Teacher of Science & CEIAG CoordinatorMr S Purslow

Design & Technology Department
Head of TechnologyMrs J Collins
Teacher of Design and TechnologyMrs A Waters
Teacher of Design and TechnologyMrs A Whittle
Teacher of Design and TechnologyMiss G Allen
Teacher of Design and TechnologyMr C Clow

ICT Department
Teacher of ICT & ComputingMrs M Buchanan
Teacher of ICT & ComputingMrs S Lubbe
Teacher of ICT & ComputingMr A Pritchard

Learning Support Department
Head Of Learning Support And SENCOMr A Haines
Curriculum Linked Teaching AssistantMrs D Johnstone
Curriculum Linked Teaching AssistantMrs K Burton
Curriculum Linked Teaching AssistantMrs E Farquharson
Curriculum Linked Teaching AssistantMrs J Forsyth
Curriculum Linked Teaching AssistantMrs P Gough
Curriculum Linked Teaching AssistantMiss J Hale
Curriculum Linked Teaching AssistantMrs J Kidd
Curriculum Linked Teaching AssistantMrs S Osborne
Curriculum Linked Teaching AssistantMrs L Rayson
Emotional Literacy Support AssistantMiss K Neil
Emotional Literacy Support AssistantMrs N Pearson

Teaching Support Department
Cover SupervisorVacancy
Cover SupervisorMr S Beale
Cover SupervisorMr N Gibson
Cover SupervisorMrs P North
Curriculum Assistant Technician (Science)Miss R Matela
Curriculum Assistant Technician (Science)Mrs B Stantiall
Curriculum Assistant Technician (Science, PE, Technology)Mr J Turl
Curriculum Technician - Art and PhotographyMiss M Hutchings
Curriculum Technician - Design & TechnologyMrs S Bolton
Curriculum Technician - ScienceMiss C Hynes
Curriculum Technician - ScienceMrs L Marston
Technician - ResourcesMrs C Xuereb
Library TechnicianMrs A Fargher

Administrative Support Department
HR and Payroll ManagerMrs C Godrich
Infrastructure and Finance ManagerMr C Nunn
Health & Safety, Lettings and Risk ManagerMrs L Fox
PA to Deputy HeadteachersMrs L Graves
PA to HeadteacherMrs M Dugan
PA to SENCOMrs J Wilkinson
Senior Administrator - HRMiss A Hansler
Senior Administrator - HRMiss G Tullett
Senior Administrator - Training/PayrollMiss R Matela
Administrator - AbsenceMrs K Mundie
ReceptionistMrs T Wood
Senior Whole School Administrator - CEIAG, Transitions, AdmissionsMiss S Jenns
Senior Administrator - Data AnalystMrs A Frifth
Senior Administrator - ExamsMrs O Ure
Senior Administrator - PA to Assistant HeadteachersMrs Sarah James
Senior Administrator - SIMSMrs S Payne
Senior Finance AssistantMrs K Andrews
Senior Finance AssistantMrs W Nunn

IT & Technical Support Team
ICT Systems and Network ManagerMr M Charles
IT TechnicianMr A Cotton
IT TechnicianMr R Farmery
IT TechnicianMr A Tanner

Catering Team
Catering ManagerMrs E Francis
Deputy Catering ManagerMrs C Woodrow
CookMrs T Carter
CookMiss S Walton
Catering AssistantMrs S Thomson
Catering AssistantMrs M Vaughan
Catering AssistantMrs T Evans
Catering AssistantMiss C Thomas

Site Team
Site ManagerMr R Berry
Deputy Site ManagerMr G Boltwood
CaretakerMr J Riddle
CaretakerMr J MacDonald
CaretakerMrs S Unwin
CleanerMr S Barnard
CleanerMr L Bowman
CleanerMiss S Chalton
CleanerMrs C Gray
CleanerMr T Marks
CleanerMrs A Ponting
CleanerMiss T Puttock
CleanerMrs C Reynolds De Kok
CleanerMr R Tolfree
CleanerMr J Turl


w/c 16 July - uniform requirements same as last week. Reduced menu from 9 July to end of term.