Weekly Newsletter 8 June 2018


8th June 2018

Weekly Message

Next week is the last week of GCSE exams for many Year 11 pupils. Good luck to all of the pupils (and parents) over this last week of revision.

As the Year 11s prepare to leave, the Year 10s are ready to take their place at the top of the school. On the Friday before half-term, Mrs Harrison-Jones and the Key Stage 4 team interviewed eight Year 10 aspirant candidates for the positions of Head Boy and Head Girl. The quality of responses in all of these interviews was impressive; they are currently preparing promotional videos which will be shown to all of the year groups explaining why they should be appointed. We are all looking forward to seeing them!

It has been a busy week in the First Aid Office, with a large number of children turning up complaining of hay fever. Can we please take this opportunity to remind parents that children should take this medication before the beginning of the school day. We have also had a lot of children without water bottles. The school has several water fountains (and is planning to install more) but children must bring in a suitable container, especially with forecasts of more hot weather due next week.


The Headteacher’s blog contains more informal reflections and is available here:


Key Dates

June 2018 
Monday 16Year 11: GCSE German Paper 1
Year 11: GCSE German Paper 3
Year 7/8/9: Author visit with Steve Tasane
Tuesday 17Year 11: GCSE Additional Maths (pm)
Year 11: GCSE Certificate in Further Mathematics 1 (Non-calculator)
Year 7: Parents Evening
Wednesday 18Whole School Sports Day
Acting Academy
Thursday 19Year 11: GCSE Certificate in Further Mathematics 2 (Calculator)
Year 11: GCSE German Paper 4
Friday 20Year 11: GCSE Product Design (am)
Year 9: End of Year Tests



Southampton City Art Gallery – Year 7

On Tuesday 22, Wednesday 23 and Thursday 24 May, Year 7 pupils visited Southampton City Art Gallery. They took part in print making and wire sculpture workshops, responding to the theme of trees. They also had a tour of the gallery, giving them an insight behind some of the famous artworks on display.

“I was excited to go on the trip. My favourite part was the wire workshop because it was fun and I was good at it, I created a tree and added pipe cleaners and paper for leafs.” Charlie Symes, 7A

“The gallery displayed lots of famous paintings, art works and sculptures. We paid specific attention to the statue The Diver, by Anthony Gormley who was the actual model for the statue; he had to wrap himself in cling film and plaster and it took 7 hours – he must have trusted his assistants.” Betty James, 7A





Miss Martin – Year 9 Workshops

This week pupils from across Year 9 took part in mini workshops with Miss Martin, our Art student teacher. They were tasked with creating sea creatures using plastic junk and other recycled materials. Pupils had to work together to plan what they were going to make and how they where going to go about it. The big plan is that we are going to work collaboratively with Wicor Primary School to create larger sculptures raising awareness for Plastic Pollution.





Elliott Evans Sports Success

Elliott Evans (9M) won the Hampshire Boys U15 Pentathlon in Andover during half-term, representing Cams Hill School on a very wet and cold athletics track.




Puzzle Corner (+ Bonus Challenge)




Sports News

w/c 11 June 2018

Year 7 Rounders – venue TBC

Year 7 Softball – venue TBC

Year 8 Softball – venue TBC

Year 8 Rounders Tournament – venue TBC



Latest Menu

From 15 January MEAL DEALS have the option of flavoured water.

From 12 January baguettes will be reduced to 55p (was 60p), but if butter is required the cost will be increased to 65p.

Free school meals must only use the Dining Hall at lunch time, and have either a MEAL DEAL or MAIN MEAL.




Nearly New Uniform Sale



Lost Property


If items are not found on the day they are lost, please keep checking with the Medical Room as they can often take a couple of weeks to reach us.

Monday 11 June 2018 - Friday 15 June 2018
Black small hoodie
Black zip up hoodie 13/14
Blue medium hoodie
Regatta blue coat age 11/12
Black TU Coat size S
Beige fur trimmed coat
Karrimor Black coat with Blue inside 13yrs
Brown fur trimmed coat SONNETT age 10-12 years
Navy/Beige coat with tartan inside hood
X 2 White PE polo tops
Black leggings NEXT age 13
Blue drawstring bag containing 1 rugby top
Blue drawstring bag containing Grey No Fear gloves
Green carrier bag containing size 7 Nike Football boots Green/White
Black Plimsoles size 5
Lab coat size S
X2 hairbrushes
Grey zip up pencil case
Blue thermocafe lunchbag
Various pairs of trainers/odd shoes
Various keys/jewellery/glasses


A polite reminder to parents/carers – please ensure that all property is clearly named with the pupil’s name and tutor group.

Various keys, watches and pairs of spectacles are kept in the Medical Room when handed into lost property. When named items are handed in to the Medical Room Form Tutors are notified by e-mail or printed slips, which are sent in school registers, to ask pupils to come and collect the items.



School Trips Update

You may pay online for the majority of trips at https://www.scopay.com/camshill-hants


Year 10 History GCSE Trip to Berlin – July 2018
PAYMENTS NOW OVERDUE – Final instalment was due Monday 30 April 2018
Any remaining payments must be paid ASAP

History Trip to Berlin 2018Payment ByAmountTotal
First non-refundable depositMonday 27 November 2017£150.00£150.00
Second non-refundable depositFriday 15 December 2017£100.00£250.00
First instalmentWednesday 31 January 2018£50.00£300.00
Second instalmentWednesday 28 February 2018£100.00£400.00
Third instalmentThursday 29 March 2018£100.00£500.00
Fourth and final instalmentMonday 30 April 2018£100.00£600.00


Water Sports Trip to the Ardeche – July/August 2018
PAYMENTS ARE NOW OVERDUE – Final instalment was due Monday 30 April 2018
Any remaining payments must be paid ASAP

Ardeche 2018Payment byAmountTotal
First non-refundable deposit24 May 2017£100.00£100.00
Second non-refundable deposit30 June 2017£100.00£200.00
First instalment21 July 2017£60.00£260.00
Second instalment29 September 2017£60.00£320.00
Third instalment31 October 2017£60.00£380.00
Fourth instalment30 November 2017£60.00£440.00
Fifth instalment31 January 2018£55.00£495.00
Sixth instalment28 February 2018£55.00£550.00
Seventh instalment29 March 2018£55.00£605.00
Eighth and final instalment30 April 2018£55.00£660.00


Ski Trip 2019 (Years 7-9) – April 2019
Fifth instalment of £75.00 due by Friday 29 June 2018

Ski Trip 2019Payment byAmountTotal
First non-refundable deposit20 October 2017£100.00£100.00
Second non-refundable deposit24 November 2017£100.00£200.00
First instalment28 February 2018£95.00£295.00
Second instalment29 March 2018£75.00£370.00
Third instalment30 April 2018£75.00£445.00
Fourth instalment25 May 2018£75.00£520.00
Fifth instalment29 June 2018£75.00£595.00
Sixth instalment28 September 2018£75.00£670.00
Seventh instalment31 October 2018£75.00£745.00
Eighth instalment30 November 2018£75.00£820.00
Ninth and final instalment14 December 2018£65.00£885.00



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