Weekly Newsletter 23 March 2018


23rd March 2018

Weekly Message

As we near the end of a short but busy term, the school is recognising the successes of pupils during Celebration Assemblies. Due to take place this week and next, it is an ideal opportunity to reflect on the many achievements of our amazing pupils.

Next week, Year 10 get a taste of what life will be like after school as they take part in a week-long work experience. Good luck to all of those involved.

The school is also running an enrichment day on Tuesday 27 March. Years 7-9 will be looking at aspects of the PSHE curriculum, including self-esteem, the dangers of substance abuse and issues relating to mental health. Year 11 have a tailored day which is focussed on the GCSE exams which begin in May. They will be working on exam skills as well as working with the amazing and inspirational Mr Beezy. He was a huge hit with last year’s Year 11 and we are looking forward to working with him again next week.



Cams Hill Book Worms

This week, Year 7 pupils Grace Deane and Caitlin Marks launched Cams Hill Book Worms, the new Library book club for year 7.

Caitlin and Grace have worked very hard, recruiting members, contacting tutors and choosing a book. The chosen title is “Apple and Rain” by Sarah Crossan, a story of sad endings, happy beginnings and family.

The group meet during period 5 on Fridays, for discussion, reading aloud and book sharing. Librarian Mrs Fargher supplies comfy chairs, biscuits and juice!

There is a waiting list in the Library for interested pupils, as the group is currently at full capacity!


Key Dates

April 2018 
Monday 23Year 11: GCSE Graphics (5 hours)
Tuesday 24Year 11: GCSE Graphics (5 hours)
Governors Meeting: Resources Committee
Meet the Governors Evening
Wednesday 25School Council Meeting
Acting Academy
Thursday 26Year 11: GCSE Photography
Year 7-8: UKMT Junior Maths Challenge
Friday 27Year 7-9: Residential Trip to the Brecon Beacons, Wales
Year 11: GCSE Photography



Puzzle Corner



Sports News

 w/c 19 March 2018


Year 7 Rugby Tournament 2nd in Pool C
Year 10 Football Fareham and Gosport Cup lost 4 – 1 against Bay House


w/c 26 March 2018


Year 7 Rugby away to Brune Park (approx. return 17.30)
Year 7 Girls’ Football home to Brune Park


Year 8/9 Girls’ Football home to Portchester
Year 7 Boys’ Rugby away to Portchester (approx. return 17.30)


Year 10 Boys’ Rugby away to Fareham Academy (approx. return 17.30)



Latest Menu

From 15 January MEAL DEALS have the option of flavoured water.

From 12 January baguettes will be reduced to 55p (was 60p), but if butter is required the cost will be increased to 65p.

Free school meals must only use the dining hall at lunch time, and have either a MEAL DEAL or MAIN MEAL.



Lost Property

If items are not found on the day they are lost, please keep checking with the Medical Room as they can often take a couple of weeks to reach us.



Monday 16 April 2018 - Friday 20 April 2018
Co-op plastic bag containing black pumps, empty jewellery box

Blue Next hoodie

Miss Evie black hoodie

Grey Cold Gear hoodie

Grey LA Gear hoodie

Navy blue Zara coat with fur trim

Men’s blue blazer large – centaur

Grey Divided hoodie

Red Salt Rock hoodie

Blue Harrington style jacket, Primark

Blue Quechua zip jacket

Light blue George hoodie

Maroon Jack Wills hoodie

Navy blue zip hoodie Tu

Smiley face umbrella

Light grey hoodie

Black Helly Henson zip up jacket

Camelbak water bottle

Dark Grey Dorothy Perkins cardigan

Grey M&S school trousers 10-11 yrs boys

School cardigan 34

Black Mirella swim suit/leotard

Flowery sports/dance top (girls) Tu

Black girls H&M leggings

Pokémon T-shirt

Navy blue hood (no coat)

Lycra black leggings with striped waistband

Green boy’s coat – orange inside

Blue combat style pencil case

Blue Mitre run vest

PE shorts 22/24

White lab coat xs

Black gloves

White PE top 34 inch

White PE top 32 inch

M&S short sleeve white shirt (small)

Girl’s blue cardigan school 32inch

Mouth guard

Black Slazenger PE bag with black memory trainers size 7 white PE top 34in Blue PE shorts 28/30 Blue PE socks

Black Nike sports bag with black Nike trainers size 9

Black Nike Sports bag with blue Nike trainers size 9, white PE top 36in, blue PE shorts 28/30

Large selection of sports shoes

Sainsbury’s bag containing Adidas trainers size 3

Sainsbury’s bag containing orange trainers size 8 white PE top size 40 black leggings

Sainsbury’s bag containing blue shoes Velcro fastening


Please check with the Medical Room for this week’s lost property.

A polite reminder to parents/carers – please ensure that all pupils property is clearly named with the pupils name and tutor group.

Various keys, watches and pairs of spectacles are kept in the Medical Room when handed into lost property. When named items are handed in to the Medical Room Form Tutors are notified by e-mail or printed slips, which are sent in school registers, to ask pupils to come and collect the items.



School Trips Update

You may pay online for the majority of trips at https://www.scopay.com/camshill-hants


Year 10 History GCSE Trip to Berlin – July 2018
Third instalment of £100.00 due by Thursday 29 March

History Trip to Berlin 2018Payment ByAmountTotal
First non-refundable depositMonday 27 November 2017£150.00£150.00
Second non-refundable depositFriday 15 December 2017£100.00£250.00
First instalmentWednesday 31 January 2018£50.00£300.00
Second instalmentWednesday 28 February 2018£100.00£400.00
Third instalmentThursday 29 March 2018£100.00£500.00
Fourth and final instalmentMonday 30 April 2018£100.00£600.00


Water Sports Trip to the Ardeche – July/August 2018
Seventh instalment of £55.00 due by Thursday 29 March

Ardeche 2018Payment byAmountTotal
First non-refundable deposit24 May 2017£100.00£100.00
Second non-refundable deposit30 June 2017£100.00£200.00
First instalment21 July 2017£60.00£260.00
Second instalment29 September 2017£60.00£320.00
Third instalment31 October 2017£60.00£380.00
Fourth instalment30 November 2017£60.00£440.00
Fifth instalment31 January 2018£55.00£495.00
Sixth instalment28 February 2018£55.00£550.00
Seventh instalment29 March 2018£55.00£605.00
Eighth and final instalment30 April 2018£55.00£660.00


Ski Trip 2019 (Years 7-9) – April 2019
Second instalment of £75.00 due by Thursday 29 March

Ski Trip 2019Payment byAmountTotal
First non-refundable deposit20 October 2017£100.00£100.00
Second non-refundable deposit24 November 2017£100.00£200.00
First instalment28 February 2018£95.00£295.00
Second instalment29 March 2018£75.00£370.00
Third instalment30 April 2018£75.00£445.00
Fourth instalment25 May 2018£75.00£520.00
Fifth instalment29 June 2018£75.00£595.00
Sixth instalment28 September 2018£75.00£670.00
Seventh instalment31 October 2018£75.00£745.00
Eighth instalment30 November 2018£75.00£820.00
Ninth and final instalment14 December 2018£65.00£885.00




Miscellaneous News Items

Disclaimer: Cams Hill School is not recommending the following services, simply providing information that may be of interest. We cannot vouch for safeguarding, insurance or health and safety aspects of these companies so please access their websites for further information. 


Immunisations Leaflet

Please find a download link for the full leaflet here (.pdf)


Barton Peveril Events


Hampshire County Youth Ensembles – Recruiting!


Port Solent 5K Rainbow Run

Creative Writing Workshop






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