Parents’ Evenings


Parents evenings for 2019 – 2020 will be held on the following dates.  These are listed in order of Year Group, not chronologically.

Year 7 Parents’ Evening Tuesday 30th June 2020 15:15 – 19:00
Year 8 Parents’ Evening Tuesday 28th April 2020 15:15 – 19:00
Year 9 Parents’ Evening Tuesday 11th February 2020 15:15 – 19:00
Year 10 Parents’ Evening Tuesday 14th January 2020 15:15 – 19:00
Year 11 Parents’ Evening Tuesday 17th March 2020 15:15 – 19:00
Year 11 GCSE Info Evening
Peri music Parents’ Evening

Parents will receive a communication home approximately 2 weeks before the evening outlining the arrangements for the evening. We hope to be using an online booking system this year for appointments with teachers. Details will be on this page when this system is ready for use.

There are also 2 evenings for year 9 pupils to find out about careers and GCSE subject choices:

Year 9 Careers / Courses Evening 1
Year 9 Careers / Courses Evening 2


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If you need support or to talk to over the weekend, please look at the letter sent out on Thursday for guidance or the websiteYoung Minds